Introduce you to some of the most useful Chinese learning resources. Something else you may need for studying Chinese besides taking online-courses.

Useful Online Chinese Learning Resources And Test Resources For Students Who Learn Chinese

With ChineseFor.Us online Chinese courses giving you a solid foundation of Chinese language skills, don’t forget to check out other helpful ways to keep your Chinese skills sharp and ready.

There are a great number of Chinese learning resources and test resources on the internet, and they provide you with different ways of studying Chinese.

This blog will introduce you to some of the most useful online Chinese learning resources and test resources. Something else you may need for studying Chinese besides taking online courses. By listing them here, we hope you find what you’re looking for to aid you as you learn Chinese.


1. Useful Online Chinese Learning Resources

Dig Mandarin

Dig Mandarin is a comprehensive website based in Shanghai China. It does an amazing job integrating the best Chinese learning resources out there.

For example, there are articles about Chinese learning tips, as well as traditional Chinese culture. In addition, there are recommendations to online Chinese learning courses, plus HSK mock test analysis videos.

Dig Mandarin also has a forum for Chinese learners to communicate with each other. You can find a lot of very helpful information on this forum, whether for learning Chinese or living in China.

So, no matter if you learn Chinese seriously or casually, Dig Mandarin is definitely worth a try.


Lingo Bus

Based in Beijing China, Lingo Bus is an online Chinese learning platform for Children.

It offers one-on-one Mandarin lessons for kids between the age of 5-12, via PC, laptop, and iPad. There are nearly 500 language teachers on this platform, and all of them have professional background in children education.

If you want your children to have an early start in Chinese learning, Lingo Bus is highly recommended. A lot of parents have given positive feedbacks about their kids’ learning experience on Lingo Bus Facebook page.

And on a side note, Lingo Bus belongs to VIPKID, a leading firm in Chinese online education. It’s well-experienced in offering Chinese kids an American style elementary education.

And as for Lingo Bus, its adaptation of immersion method and interdisciplinary themes is exactly what it takes for an effective and fun learning environment for kids. So when they learn Chinese, they are always focused.



Zizzle is the only Chinese language app that combines beautiful visualizations with the latest scientific research. Learning Chinese has never been so efficient and fun.

The app turns Chinese characters into engaging pictures and memorable short stories with funny heroes. For every single Chinese character, Zizzle creates a mnemonic story that employs techniques like association, visualizations and linkwords. Furthermore, Zizzle breaks down complicated Chinese characters into components to help you understand the structure of the Chinese language. The learning process with Zizzle is further supported by an intelligent testing system, a spaced repetition algorithm, bite-sized lessons, a smart search function and over 2000+ essential Chinese words and phrases as well as 2000+ audio files.


That's Mandarin

That’s Mandarin is one of the oldest private Chinese schools in China. It was founded in Beijing in 2005 and has been growing ever since, with campuses in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. That’s Mandarin has been delivering excellence in Chinese teaching for over 14 years to more than 30,000 students of different nationalities. The school has plans to open more campuses in more cities soon, to share the knowledge and enthusiasm for Mandarin to more students in China and around the world.


2. Online Chinese Test Resources

OCT (Oral Chinese Test)

OCT (Oral Chinese Test) is the only official online Mandarin proficiency test certified by the Confucius Institute Headquarters. With the use of AI technology, OCT helps evaluate learners’ Mandarin Chinese competency in academic and workplace environment. You can take OCT anytime, anywhere with internet access.

OCT provides Mandarin learners a step by step oral ability assessment to evaluate their listening and speaking proficiency.

OCT has more than 10 career-oriented assessments that enable a more focused and effective evaluation of learners’ Mandarin competency in workplace. Currently available categories are Accounting, Advanced Communication, Airline Services, Applied Communication, Banking, Food and Beverage, Hotel, Insurance, Investment and Finance, Real Estate, Retailing, and Trade and Commerce.


3. Physical Chinese Flashcards

Word Labels

Learn to speak Mandarin with Word Labels: Language Stickers for your home and office. Label 374 of your household items in Simplified Mandarin, Pinyin and English to effortlessly build your vocabulary.

Learn through -

  • Repetition - See the Simplified Mandarin translations for common household items every time you use them.
  • Contextual learning - See the word for "Brush", on your brush, every time you brush your hair!
  • Immersion - be surrounded by new words as you go about your daily life.

Word Labels also include free international shipping and a money back guarantee. Word Labels are the perfect combination to boost your learning along with ChineseFor.Us.

You can enjoy a 5% off discount of their product if you use Coupon Code : CHINESEFORUS



Above are a few online Chinese learning resources and test resources for Chinese language students. We will keep updating this article as we discover more and more awesome Chinese learning resources. So be sure to come back to check it out. We hope this has been helpful to you!

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