“不但……而且……”(bú dàn.….. ér qiě……) is a commonly used Chinese sentence structure, literally means “not only, … but also….”. We collected 8 不但 而且 example sentences made by our friends on facebook and Instagram, watch this video to see their work. Also, more grammar explanations and example sentences are included just underneath the video. The next structure will be “因为……所以……”, give us your example sentence to get featured in our next video!

不但 而且 Example Sentences Grammar

Subject  +  不但  +  Adj./Verb,  而且  +  Adj./Verb

zhè jiā cān tīng de cài bú dàn wèi dào hěn hǎo, ér qiě jià gé pián yi.
This restaurant not only has tasty food, but also inexpensive food.
gǒu bú dàn kě ‘ài, ér qiě cōng ming.
Dogs are not only cute, but also smart.

不但  +  Subject 1  +  Adj./Verb,  而且  +  Subject 2  +  Adj./Verb

bú dàn bù tóng yìér qiě yě bù tóng yì
Not only do I disagree, but he also disagrees.
bú dàn zhōng guó rén shuō zhōng wénér qiě xīn jiā pō rén yě shuō zhōng wén
Not only people in China speak Chinese, people in Singapore also speak Chinese.


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    谢谢lili 老师~

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