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ChineseFor.Us Weekly [Apr 28 2023]

[April 17 2023] Even A Baby Step Goes A Long Way | Taoist Proverb

Ancient Chinese Wisdom #2/60

Let's discover together in this episode how success is gained by taking the first step. Looking to achieve greatness? This Taoist proverb tells you that you absolutely can as long as you make a move.

We all have goals, whether big or small, and we all fantasize about how awesome it would be if such goals were reached. Meanwhile, many of our goals wither and die in our fantasies because we never take any actions. Therefore, if there's a goal you hope to achieve, however impossible it seems, by working towards them, even with baby steps, the accumulation of which will eventually pay off.


[April 18 2023] How To Write Chinese Character "我" (wǒ)?

Learn Chinese Characters & Radicals #2/20

Welcome back to our "Learn Chinese Characters & Radicals" series. "我" (wǒ) is one of the most common Chinese characters. In this episode, we will break down the strokes of the character "我" (wǒ) and take a closer look at each individual stroke.

Whether you are a beginner or looking to expand your understanding of Chinese characters, this video is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about the Chinese language. So come join us and have a better understanding of the structure and formation of Chinese characters!

This short video is from our Day-1 Beginner Course, a beginner Chinese Course with over 200 useful Chinese sentences, 38 Chinese grammar points, 120 Chinese characters, and 43 Chinese radicals. Take free lessons from this course now→


[April 20 2023] Celebrating UN Chinese Language Day! 联合国中文日!

Happy UN Chinese Language Day! Join ChineseFor.Us in celebrating and learning some Chinese words related to this special day!

UN Chinese Language Day celebrates multilingualism and cultural diversity as well as to promote the use of Chinese. In this video, we share and introduce you to some words related to this day. Begin your journey to Chinese Language learning and cultural appreciation today! We hope you found this short video helpful and informative.


Jīntiān shì sì yuè 'èr shí rì, Liánhéguó Zhōngwén Rì.
Today is April 20 UN Chinese Language Day.

Liánhéguó Zhōngwén Rì, hé shénme yǒuguān ne?
UN Chinese Language Day, what is related to (it) ?





[April 23 2023] Learn Key Pinyin Initials for Better Pronunciation!

Learn Chinese Pinyin #1/22

Join ChineseFor.Us for our "Learn Chinese Pinyin" series which is perfect for beginner Chinese learners! In this easy-to-follow short video, we'll guide you through some key Pinyin initials (b p m f / d t n / l g k h / j q x), essential for proper pronunciation. Boost your confidence in speaking Chinese and lay a strong foundation for your Chinese language adventure.


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