SC04. 18 Ways to Say I Love You in Chinese – Chinese Love Phrases


How to say I love you in Chinese? Is 我爱你 the only way? In this "Valentines' Day Special" lesson, you will learn so many useful Chinese love phrases, including happy valentine's day in Chinese. Read, listen, and learn how to say I love you in Chinese in more than 10 ways. Next time when you talk to your loved ones, there will be more ways to express your love!


How to Say I Love You in Chinese

I love you is the most important love phrase not just in Chinese, but in many other languages. Learn how to say I love you in Chinese and tell your loved ones how much you love them. | 我愛你 

pinyin. wǒ 'ài nǐ literal. I love you liberal. I love you

2. 我永远爱你 | 我永遠愛你 

pinyin. wǒ yǒng yuǎn 'ài nǐ literal. I forever love you liberal. I will love you forever

3. 你是我最爱的人 | 你是我最愛的人 

pinyin. nǐ shì wǒ zuì 'ài de rén literal. you are my most love person liberal. I love you the most

How to Say I Like You in Chinese

If "love" is not quite the word you feel like using, try learn how to say I like you in Chinese instead.

4. 我喜欢你 | 我喜歡你 

pinyin. wǒ xǐ huān nǐ literal. I like you liberal. I like you

5. 我很喜欢你 | 我很喜歡你 

pinyin. wǒ hěn xǐ huān nǐ literal. I very like you liberal. I like you a lot

Other Useful Chinese Love Phrases

Besides how to say I love you in Chinese, there are also some other useful Chinese love phrases for a special day between loved ones. Here they are for your happy valentine's day!

鲜花 | 鮮花 

pinyin. xiān huā literal. fresh flower liberal. flowers

玫瑰 | 玫瑰 

pinyin. méi guī  literal. rose liberal. rose(s)

巧克力 | 巧克力 

pinyin. qiǎo kè lì  literal. chocolate liberal. chocolate

情书 | 情書 

pinyin. qíng shū  literal. love letter liberal. love letter

情人节卡片 | 情人節卡片 

pinyin. qíng rén jié kǎ piàn  literal. valentine's day card liberal. valentine's day card

约会 | 約會 

pinyin. yuè huì  literal. date liberal. date

烛光晚餐 | 燭光晚餐 

pinyin. zhú guāng wǎn cān  literal. candlelit dinner liberal. candlelit dinner

求婚 | 求婚 

pinyin. qiú hūn  literal. to propose liberal. tp propose

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