SC05. How to Say Happy New Year in Chinese

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Chinese New Year is also known as the Lunar New Year 农历新年 nónglì xīnnián or Chinese Spring Festival, 春节 chūn jié. 

The date of Chinese New Year doesn't fall on the same day each year, because it is decided by the Chinese Lunar Calendar. And this time on Feb 16 2018 is the date for Chinese New Year 2018. Wish you a happy Spring Festival!

2018 is the Year of Dog, 狗年 gǒunián. Is this your Chinese Zodiac Animal?

The Spring Festival 春节 chūnjié is the most important festival to Chinese people. How to say Happy New Year in Chinese? What are some useful Lunar New Year greetings? Let's learn some useful phrases, greetings for Lunar New Year and some Chinese New Year Traditions.

How to Say Happy New Year in Chinese

1.新年快乐 | 新年快樂  

pinyin. xīn nián kuài lè literal. new year happy liberal. happy new year
新年快乐 is the most popular and standard way of how say happy new year in Chinese. In English you say "happy + festival / occasion", while in Chinese, you put 快乐 kuàilè happy after the event.

ENGLISH happy + festival / occasion / event
CHINESE festival / occasion / event + 快乐

2. 新年好 | 新年好  

pinyin. xīn nián hǎo literal. new year good liberal. happy new year
In Chinese means good, well or okay. And 新年好 is another common way of how to say happy new year in Chinese. There is a popular Chinese song called 新年好.

How to say Happy New Year in Chinese in A Certain Zodiac Year

In China there are 12 different kind of Zodiac animals. Each year has its own Zodiac animal symbol and every 12 year is a cycle. For example the year 2017 is the year of Rooster, jī chicken or rooster, and the year 2018 is the year of Dog, , gǒu , dog. So if you want to wish people happy new year in Chinese in 2018 year of the Dog. You can use the following expressions. And if it's another Zodiac animal, all you have to do is to replace  with other animals.

3. 狗年快乐 | 狗年快樂 

pinyin. gǒu nián kuài lè literal. dog year happy liberal. happy year of dog


年好 | 


pinyin. gǒu nián hǎo literal. dog year good liberal. happy year of dog

5. 狗年吉祥 | 狗年吉祥 

pinyin. gǒu nián jí xiáng literal. dog year lucky liberal. good luck in the year of dog

6. 狗年行大运 | 狗年行大運 

pinyin. gǒu nián xíng dà yùn literal. dog year great luck liberal. great luck in the year of dog

Other Useful Lunar New Year Greetings

11. (祝你) 万事如意 | (祝你) 萬事如意 

pinyin. (zhù nǐ) wàn shì rú yì literal. (wish you) ten thousands of matters go as you wish liberal. wish everything goes well

12. (祝你)新年进步 | (祝你)新年進步 

pinyin. (zhù nǐ) xīn nián jìn bù  literal. (wish you) new year make progress liberal. (wish) you make great achievement and progress in the new year

14. (祝你在)新的一年,(有)新的开始 | (祝你在)新的一年,(有)新的開始 

pinyin. xīn de yì nián, xīn de kāi shǐ  literal. (wish you have) a new start (in the) new year liberal. (wish you have) a new start (in the) new year

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