Character Lesson 6 – 3 Ways Chinese Strokes Are Put Together

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Chinese Stroke Structure: 3 Ways Chinese Strokes Are Put Together

In this Chinese characters video lesson we will introduce the rules for Chinese stroke structure: the 3 ways for strokes to be put together. Let’s watch and find out!



  • Chinese Stroke construction
  • Chinese Stroke structure


  1. How many ways are Chinese strokes put together?
  2. What are they?


Chinese Stroke Construction

There are 3 ways that Chinese strokes are put together. The rules for Chinese stroke structure are as follows.

  1. Away from each other.
  2. Connected with each other.
  3. Crossing each other.


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Roxanne CuPremium Student January 16, 2021 at 6:11 am

Very helpful. Thank you very much. I could write my name now in Chinese character. It’s worth the time and the effort. I could also recognize some Chinse characters.

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