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Chinese Character Writing

The Best Chinese Character Writing Course
For Understanding How Characters Are Contructed

For Students Who Wish To:

Learn All The Fundamentals of Writing Chinese Characters

Improve your Handwriting

Know How Chinese Characters Are Constructed

Be Able To Look Up Chinese Words In The Dictionary

Learn Mandarin Chinese Online with ChineseFor.Us

Course Writer & Teacher

Lili Hao

Master's Degree in Chinese Linguistics & Bachelor's Degree in English.
8 years teaching experience.
Certified HSK & YCT examiner.

Achieve A Full Understanding of Chinese Characters

  • 16 Video Lessons
  • 22 Writing Sheets
  • 11 Basic Strokes
  • 5 Fundamental Strokes
  • 26 Derivative Strokes
  • 8 Stroke Order Rules
  • 4 Character Creation Methods

Course Structure

Lesson info
KEYWORDS, QUESTIONS and NOTES of each Chinese characters lesson

Video lesson
A 5-10 minute instructional video to learn and practice writing with

Chinese characters worksheet
Two Chinese characters worksheet: (1) practice sheet – do while watching the video lesson (2) homework sheet – do after watching the video lesson

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Chinese characters course, please feel free to let us know or discuss  in our comment section. We strive to create a welcoming and friendly learning community.

What Can I Learn from this Chinese Character Course?

Section I: Introduction – 4 lessons
What are Chinese characters and how to learn Chinese characters?
How many characters are there to learn?
How to write Chinese characters vs how to type Chinese characters?
Simplified characters vs traditional characters

Section II: Chinese Characters Basic Strokes – 4 lessons
The 11 basic strokes of Chinese characters

Section III: Stroke Construction – 2 lessons
5 Fundamental Strokes
26 Derivative Strokes
3 ways how strokes are put together

  • Section IV: Stroke Orders – 4 lessons
    8 basic stroke order rules of writing Chinese characters

Section V: Character Construction – 2 lessons
Components, Elements and Radicals of Chinese Characters

How Does This Course Help Me Learn Chinese Characters?

How To Use This Course

STEP 1: Read KEYWORDS and QUESTIONS to know the general idea. 
STEP 2: Watch video lesson while doing practice sheet.  Go to STEP 3 if no question × Redo STEP 2 or ask us if there are questions
STEP 3: (Rewatch video if needed) Do homework sheet. 
STEP 4: Explain KEYWORDS and QUESTIONS by yourself.  MARK LESSON COMPLETE if no questions × Redo STEP 1 if there are questions
You can finish all steps in one day, or do one step per day. Do at your own pace.

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