Character Lesson 9 – Stroke Order Rules Group 3

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Stroke Order Rules Group 3

In this Chinese character lesson we will learn Group 3 of Chinese Stroke Order Rules, and see some example Characters that apply these two rules.



  • Stroke Order Rule 5: Outside Before Inside.
  • Stroke Order Rule 6: Inside Before Closing.


  1. What would be an example Character that applies Stroke Order Rule 5, Outside Before Inside?
  2. What would be an example Character that applies Stroke Order Rule 6, Inside Before Closing?


Stroke Order Rule 5: Outside Before Inside

Outside Before Inside, 先外后内.

This rule applies to characters that have an outside frame or liner, but aren’t entirely enclosed by the frame.

Example Characters

月, 多, 同, 风


Stroke Order Rule 6: Inside Before Closing

Inside Before Closing, 先外后内再封口

This applies when a character or a part of a character is completely enclosed by a “frame”. We’ll start from the outside, move to inside, and then close it as the last step.

  1. Start writing the frame, but don’t close it yet.
  2. Write the inside.
  3. Close it after the inside part is done.

Example Characters

日, 丹, 国, 回



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Roxanne CuPremium Student January 18, 2021 at 6:25 am

Thank you very much. I have been practicing it so many times for two purposes: first, to acquire familiarity with the characters and their meanings; and second, to write it correctly with the right stroke order. It’s worth the time and the effort indeed.

OmarMustafaPremium Student May 19, 2020 at 5:32 am

Hi lili and chuck, just a question about the character written at 04:53 (Mao 帽). is it correct to write it that way? with the second heng closing the frame for the top right part of the character? Thank you

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