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Character Lesson 1 – Basic Strokes Group 1

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Basic Chinese Strokes

Learn Chinese Stroke Names and Write Chinese Strokes

Thanks for joining ChineseFor.Us Hands-on Writing Course. Starting from this lesson we will start to learn the Chinese Stroke names and how to write Chinese strokes. There are 11 basic Chinese strokes and we’ll discuss and practice them in 4 lessons.



  • Basic Chinese strokes
  • Chinese stroke names


  1. How many basic Chinese strokes are there?
  2. What are the first 3 basic Chinese stroke names?


Basic Chinese strokes

In our lessons, we will discuss 11 basic Chinese strokes.


3 Chinese stroke names

There are 3 basic Chinese strokes discussed in this lesson. And the Chinese stroke names are Dot 点 (diǎn), Horizontal 横 (héng) , and Vertical 竖 (shù).


Example Characters with Horizontal

十, 子, 三

Example Characters with Vertical

土, 工, 耳

Example Characters with Dot

门, 小, 寸


How to write Chinese strokes?

When we write Chinese strokes, for each single stroke, we will write just one time, no back and forth. And also, our pen point will stay on the paper the whole time.


Lesson Discussions

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