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Level 3 Lesson 39.3 – Conversation & Story

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HSK 3+ Conversational Practice

In this part of the lesson, we will be practicing the vocabulary and grammar that we've learned in Lesson 39.1 and Lesson 39.2. There are two separate conversational practice:

  1. CONVERSATION → 《你刚才给我打电话了?》
  2. STORY TELLING →《新年晚会》


  1. Learn
    1. Listen and repeat along with the video
  2. Practice daily - the most important part for achieving fluency
    1. Spend 10-30 minutes per day reading the lesson materials aloud (with or without the video)
    2. Practice conversations and stories from previous lessons too


Nǐ Gāngcái Gěi Wǒ Dǎ Diànhuà Le?
You Just-now To Me Made-(A)-Phone-Call?

❖  QUESTIONS 问题 Wèntí

  1. Dìdi gāngcái wèishénme méi jiē diànhuà?
    Why (did) not (the) little-brother answer (the) phone-call just-now?
  2. Dìdi yào kǎo de kè fùxí de hǎo bu hǎo?
    (The) class  (that the) little-brother needs to take (-) (did he) review good (or) not good?
  3. Dìdi yuèduì de rén dōu shì xuésheng ma?
    Are (the) people in (the) little-brother('s) band all students?


❖  TEXT 课文 Kèwén


*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

弟弟 Little brother 哥哥 Big brother

弟弟:Big-brother, you just-now to me made-(a)phone-call?

哥哥:Right, “old” little-brother. You (did) not pick-up, I thought you should-probably (be) busy!

弟弟:(I was) not busy. I just-now was-in library review lesson-text, (my) cellphone sound (has been) turned-off, so (I did) not hear your phone-call, sorry!

哥哥:It’s fine. You (-) is (it or) not is (it that) should take-test (now)?

弟弟:Next “ge” (of) month I need-to take-test (for) four “men” (of) classes, but I all reviewed just-about-enough. Apart-from math additionally needs-to (be) moreover reviewed “really quick”, other classes all (have) no problem. Big-brother, what thing (did) you seek me (for)?

哥哥:I just with Xiaoyun decided to this year October get-married!

弟弟:(It is) too good! I really (am) happy for you and Xiaoyun Big-sister!

哥哥:Thank you old “little brother”! (At the) time (when) we got married, (there) exists (one) “jian” (of) thing (that I) want to “ask-(for a favor from)” you to help (me with this one) “ge” (of) “busy”-situation. I want to for Xiaoyun sing one “shou” (of) song, if you have time, can (you or) not can (you) help me play “really quick” (the) piano? If you (are) too busy then (we can) drop-it.

弟弟:Big-brother, you getting-married (which is) such (a) big thing, then (you do) not (be) polite! What song (do) you intend to sing? I certainly (will) (-) “ba”{indicating the handling of} it (-) practice-well!

哥哥:“Simple Love”, (it) exactly is that “shou” (of) song that time (which was your) university-3rd-grade (at the) new year evening-party your band performed.

弟弟:No problem! Apart-from(-and-)outside-of me, I additionally can (-) “ba”{indicating the handling of} (-) (my) band friends all invite-over to together for you-guys perform.

哥哥:(Maybe we) drop-it? That-way (is) too embarrassing! Apart-from(-and-)outside-of you, other people (of) your-guys’ band now all work. They certainly all (are) pretty busy.

弟弟:It’s fine, if they can join (they) certainly will (be) especially happy. I immediately soon-will to them make-(a)-phone-call.

哥哥:Then (I) “ask-(for a favor from)” you (that you) make-sure to help me and Xiaoyun to in-advance thank them!

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Xīnnián Wǎnhuì
New Year Evening-Party

❖  QUESTIONS 问题 Wèntí

  1. Xīnnián wǎnhuì shang, měi ge bān biǎoyǎn jǐ ge jiémù?
    (At the) new year evening-party, how many "ge" (of) programs (does) every “ge” (of) class perform?
  2. Jiémù yǒu shénme yāoqiú?
    What requirements (does) (the) program have?
  3. Chúle xuésheng yǐwài, shéi yě huì biǎoyǎn jiémù?
    Apart-from(-and-)outside-of (the) students, Who also will perform programs?


❖  TEXT 课文 Kèwén


*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

New Year Evening-Party

Classmates hello! I am “Xuewen” Chinese School’s Principal Zhang (-) Zhang Liming. Us “Xuewen” Chinese School plans to on December 31 evening hold one “chang” (of) new year evening-party. Me and (the) school teachers want to invite (our) school’s every “wei” (of) student and your-guys’ parents together to join this “time (of) evening-party.

(On the) evening-party, every “ge” (of) class performs one to two “ge” (of) program. “Whoever(/everyone)” can join, “whatever(/everything)” all works, but (you guys) must need-to use Chinese-language. If (you guys) intend-to to sing-song, (it) must be (a) Chinese song. If (it is) dance-dance, or band performance, then (you guys) also must first use Chinese-language to introduce “really quick” this “ge” (of) performance for everyone. Everyone (of you guys)’ Chinese-language (-) all (has been) learned that good, (you guys) certainly have-the-potential-to-be-able-to-do (it)! Besides, apart-from singing-song (and) dancing-dance (-) programs (like) this, you-guys surely additionally have very many other interesting ideas. Under (the) condition (of) being-able-to use Chinese-language, as-long-as (it) is (a) program (that) you-guys have-the-potential-to-be-able-to think of, then (it) all can (be) performed. The more Chinese-language (is) used, the more welcome (it is)! If everyone (at the) time (of) preparing (the) program encounter any questions/problems, (you-guys) can seek your-guys’ teacher to help.

The-last, apart-from(-and-)outside-of students, (our) school’s several “wei” (of) teachers and (the) principal also will for everyone prepare one “ge” (of) program. What program? (I) first (will) not tell everyone, wait (at the) time (of) performing, then (you guys will) know. Then we together work-hard to handle-well (the) new year evening-party, okay (or) not okay?

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