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Level 3 Practice 37.3 – Speaking


Create a speech. Act out the speech by doing a video/audio presentation.


在你的生活中,可能有过很多目标(mùbiāo ▸ n. goal) 。有的目标可能完成(wánchéng ▸ v. to accomplish; to finish) 得很早,有的目标可能比你想的晚一些。能告诉我们这些目标是什么吗?你是什么时候开始有的这些目标?为什么完成得早?为什么完成得晚?你觉得,完成时间的“早”和“晚”,重要吗?为什么?

  1. Make sure to use the following Adverbs of Time:
    • 才 indicating "as late as"
    • 就 indicating "as early as"
  2. Try to use the vocabulary in this lesson as well.


*Optional* Share your work with us in the comment discussion section.


"Practice" is our new feature to encourage learners to speak out and put the language into use, especially in a self-study setting. "Skills like speaking a new language can only be developed through practice." Keep it up!

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