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If something big is coming up for your friend or family, how to say good luck in Chinese to them? There are so many different ways to make them feel like you’re rooting for them. In this video lesson, you’ll learn how to say wish you success in Chinese, and the meaning behind the well-known phrase 加油 jiāyóu “add oil”. And if someone wishes you good luck in Chinese, here are some ways to say “Thank you” in Chinese.


How to Say Good Luck in Chinese

1. 祝你好运 / 祝你好运啊

pinyin. zhù nǐ hǎo yùn / zhù nǐ hǎo yùn 'a – literal. wish you good luck liberal. good luck
祝你好运 is the standard translation of how to say good luck in Chinese, but it could sound a little too "translated". When native Chinese speakers want to wish someone "good luck", there are many other ways. So please keep reading.

2. 好好儿干啊

pinyin. hǎo hǎor gàn 'a – literal. well to work liberal. do your best (for this job)
In Chinese has the meaning of "to do", 好好儿干 means "to do it well". We can use this expression to encourage someone to do a good job.

3. 好好儿考啊

pinyin. hǎo hǎor kǎo 'a – literal. well take exam liberal. do your best (for this exam)
Just like 好好儿干, we can also use 好好儿考 to encourage someone. Since means "to take exam",  we can say 好好儿考 to wish someone good luck in an exam.

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How to Say Good Luck in Chinese Like A Native

4. 加油

pinyin. jiā yóu – literal. add oil liberal. c'mon
加油 is a very well-known Chinese phrase. It literally means "add oil", but is used to encourage someone before they do a task, give a speech, participate in a competition or take a exam...

5. 我给你加油

pinyin. wǒ gěi nǐ jiā yóu – literal. i for you add oil liberal.I'm rooting for you
Instead of 我给你加油 we can also say 我为你加油.

How to Say Wish You Success in Chinese

6. 祝你成功

pinyin. zhù nǐ chéng gōng – literal. wish you success liberal. wish you success
祝你成功 literally means wish you success in Chinese. This expression does not specify "wish you success 'in what field' or'on what aspect'", so it's okay to say for a lot of situations, a very common expression of how to say good luck in Chinese.

7. 你一定会成功的 / 你肯定会成功的

pinyin. nǐ yí dìng huì chéng gōng de / nǐ kěn dìng huì chéng gōng de – literal. you definitely will succeed liberal. You'll definitely succeed
If you want someone to know that you believe in them 100%, instead of 祝你成功, you can say 你一定会成功的 or 你肯定会成功的. 一定 and 肯定 are two adverbs that emphasize affirmativeness. They can be translated as "undoubtedly", "definitely", "surely" or "certainly"...


I Hope Everything Goes Well in Chinese

8. 祝你顺利

pinyin. zhù nǐ shùn lì – literal. wish you smooth liberal. I hope everything goes well
In Chinese 顺利 means for something or someone to go smoothly. Say 祝你顺利 when you want to wish someone everything goes well in Chinese.

9. 祝你考试顺利

pinyin. zhù nǐ kǎo shì shùn lì – literal. wish you exam smooth liberal. I hope your test goes well
Since 祝你顺利 does not specify "which aspect" or "what field" you wish them to go smoothly, you can say 祝你考试顺利 to wish someone good luck in Chinese with their exam.

10. 祝你工作顺利

pinyin. zhù nǐ gōng zuò shùn lì – literal. wish you work smooth liberal. I hope everything goes well with your work
And if you want to wish someone good luck in Chinese with their work, you can say 祝你工作顺利.


Other Ways to Say Wish You Success in Chinese

11. 祝你马到成功

pinyin. zhù nǐ mǎ dào chéng gōng – literal. wish you "horse-arriving" success liberal. wishing you rapid success
马到成功 is a Chinese Idiom, 成语 chéngyǔ, it means "to get instant success". In the ancient time, armies rode horses to battle with the other side, so 马到成功 implies that "as soon as our horses get there, we have our success(victory)".

12. 我相信你

pinyin. wǒ xiāng xìn nǐ – literal. I trust you liberal. I believe in you
Nothing encourages people more than one simple expression "I believe in you". In Chinese you can say 我相信你 to show your confidence in someone.

13. 我支持你

pinyin. wǒ zhī chí nǐ – literal. I support you liberal. I support you
我支持你 means you will support someone on their decision and their work.

14. 没成功别回来见我

pinyin. méi chéng gōng bié huí lái jiàn wǒ – literal. haven't succeeded, don't come back to see me liberal. don't come back if you didn't succeed
没成功别来见我 is a special one. You only say this to someone VERY close to you. This is not a threat, just to show that you know how much it means and how long it might take for them to succeed. And you also know that when you meet them again, it's probably when they succeed and come back.

Do you know some other useful ways of how to say good luck in Chinese?
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