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How To Say...In Chinese

Supplement Your Vocabulary With this Chinese Phrase Course For Understanding How To Say Things In Different Ways.

For Students Who Wish To:

Increase Their Vocabulary

Improve Their Listening

Practice Speaking

Learn More Than One Way To Say Something

Learn Mandarin Chinese Online with ChineseFor.Us

Course Writer & Teacher

Lili Hao

Master's Degree in Chinese Linguistics & Bachelor's Degree in English.
8 years teaching experience.
Certified HSK & YCT examiner.

Achieve A Better Understanding Of Chinese Phrases

  • 22 Video Lessons
  • 235+ Phrases
  • Multiple Ways Of Saying Something
  • Chinese Listening Practice
  • Chinese Speaking Practice
  • Chinese Culture
  • Fun Short Videos

What Can I Learn from this Chinese Phrase Course?

As in any language, there may be multiple ways to say one thing. Using these videos as a reference can help with your listening skills and speaking skills when speaking Chinese to a native speaker. When learning a language you may be taught one way to say something, but when having a real-life conversation, they might say something completely different, to which you might not understand. This Course is designed to help with that.

How To Use This Course

STEP 1: Watch the video and follow along.
STEP 2: This course was designed to be fun and fast paced, don't forget that you can rewind and pause if you miss something!
STEP 3: (Rewatch video if needed) Repeating all the phrases.
STEP 4: Try to use them in your daily life.

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