12 Ways to Say Delicious in Chinese | Yummy & Tasty in Chinese


Do you like Chinese food? How do you say delicious in Chinese when you want to praise someone for good food? Is there any difference to say tasty in Chinese based on whether you’re talking about food or drinks? We’ve picked for you, more than 10 ways to say delicious in Chinese. Watch and find out!


How to Say Delicious in Chinese

1. 好吃

pinyin. hǎochī literal. good (to) eat liberal. delicious
The most common way to say delicious in Chinese is 好吃, when talking about food. You probably knows that 好 means “good”, and in the word 好吃, here 好 is used to modify the verb 吃, meaning “good/delicious to eat” or “good/delicious for eating”.

2. 好喝

pinyin. hǎo hē literal. good (to) drink liberal. tasty (for drinks)
If you want to say your drink is delicious in Chinese you would use 好喝, meaning “good/delicious to drink”.


How to Say Tasty in Chinese

3. 味道还行; 味道不错; 味道还可以

pinyin. wèi dào hái xíng; wèi dào bú cuò; wèi dào hái kě yǐ literal. taste (is) okay; taste (is) not bad; taste (is) okay liberal. it tastes good
In Chinese, 味道 wèi dào means “the taste (of something)”. You can use 味道 for both food and drinks.

4. 味道很好; 味道真好

pinyin. wèi dào hěn hǎo; wèi dào zhēn hǎo literal. taste (is) very good; taste (is) really good liberal.it tastes so good
Generally, 味道真好 is stronger than 味道很好. 味道很好 literally means “the taste is very good”, but the word 很 hěn “very” usually just functions as a connector between the subject and the adjective, without stressing “very”.

5. 味道真棒; 味道真不错

pinyin. wèi dào zhēn bàng; wèi dào zhēn bú cuò literal. taste (is) really excellent; taste (is) really not bad liberal. it tastes superb
棒 bàng means great, excellent in Chinese. 真 zhēn means “very much” or “really”, it also acts as a connector between the subject and the adjective, but is more stressed and emphasized than 很.

6. 味道好极了; 味道太棒了; 味道一级棒

pinyin. wèi dào hǎo jí le; wèi dào tài bàng le; wèi dào yī jí bàng literal. taste (is) great; taste (is) superb; taste (is) 1st-level good liberal. it tastes amazingly good
What if you really like something or you think it’s amazing? You can use one the three above.

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How to Say It Smells Delicious in Chinese

7. 好香啊

pinyin. hǎo xiāng ‘a literal. greatly smells good liberal. it smells so good
How do you say it smells tasty in Chinese? 香 is the word that you are looking for. You can say 好香啊 for both food and drinks, but most likely for food. You can also say it for anything that smells fragrant, like perfumes and air fresheners.


How to Say Delicious in Chinese Like A Native Speaker

8. 看着就好吃

pinyin. kàn zhe jiù hǎo chī literal. (just) looking at it (I expect it to be) tasty liberal. it looks delicious
For Chinese cuisine, it is important not only for the food to taste good but it also has to look good. There is an expression 色香味俱全 sè xiāng wèi jù quán, meaning “it looks, smells and tastes good”. 看着就好吃 is a good way to say that you like the food just by the way it looks.

9. 我都流口水了

pinyin. wǒ dōu liú kǒu shuǐ le literal. I am drooling liberal. it makes my mouth water
There are many ways a native speaker might say something looks delicious without even using the word tasty. 我都流口水了 is one of them. It literally means that your mouth is watering.

10. 好吃得不得了

pinyin. hǎo chī de bù dé liǎo literal. tasty extremly liberal. it’s amazingly delicious
This is a very casual way of saying tasty in Chinese for food that you really love. And for drinks, you can say 好喝得不得了. adj. + 得不得了 is a common way to stress and emphasize.

11. 我从来没有吃过这么好吃的东西

pinyin. wǒ cóng lái méi yǒu chī guò zhè me hǎo chī de dōng xi literal. I’ve never eaten anything so good before liberal. I’ve never eaten anything so good
If you really want to express that the food is the best There’s no better way than saying “I’ve never eaten anything so good”, so for food, you can say 我从来没有吃过这么好吃的东西, and for drinks, 我从来没有喝过这么好喝的东西. But of course, you should use this sparingly or it might sound too exaggerated.

12. 吃完了还想吃

pinyin. chī wán le hái xiǎng chī literal. I want to eat more when I finish eating (it) liberal. I can never have enough of this
We have all had those experiences – where we want more. A very good way of saying tasty in Chinese is by saying that you can never have enough of it.
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