12 Ways to Say Congratulations in Chinese | I’m Happy For You in Chinese


Your friend just shared with you some good news: they've made an achievement on something big. How to say congratulations in Chinese to let them know that you're happy for them? There are so many different ways, and we've picked 11 useful expressions for you! And if someone congratulates you and you want to thank them, you can learn ways to say "Thank you" in Chinese.


How to Say Congratulations in Chinese

1. 恭喜

pinyin. gōng xǐ – literal. congratulations liberal. congratulations
In Chinese, means "respectfully; politely", means "happy", so 恭喜 together means "(I am) respectfully happy (for you)". 恭喜 is the standard way to congratulate people in Chinese. If anything good happens to someone, you can say 恭喜 to them. For example, if they got promoted, graduated, passed a test, got married, or had a baby... 恭喜 is an appropriate way of how to say congratulations in Chinese.

2. 恭喜你

pinyin. gōng xǐ nǐ – literal. congratulations (to) you liberal. congratulations to you
恭喜你 and 恭喜 are basically the same thing. However, since people use them so much when they say congratulations in Chinese, sometimes it might sound too automatic and not genuine. Keep reading if you want to learn more useful ways to congratulate people.

3. 祝贺你

pinyin. zhù hè nǐ – literal. congratulations (to) you liberal. congratulations to you
祝贺你 is similar as 恭喜你, but it is more for people's achievements. So if your friend just had a baby, this might not be the best expression to use.


How to Say I'm Happy For You in Chinese

When something good happens to your friends, you want to congratulate them but also want them to know that you feel happy for them. How to say I'm happy for you in Chinese? There are a few ways to convey this feeling.

4. 太好了

pinyin. tài hǎo le – literal. too good liberal. awesome; good
Literally, 太好了 means so good! It is generally appropriate to respond to any good news.

5. 真棒

pinyin. zhēn bàng – literal. truly great liberal. awesome
People usually use 棒 to describe someone's ability or work. So 真棒 is most likely used to praise people's work or achievements.

6. 真厉害

pinyin. zhēn lì hai – literal. truly awesome liberal. (you are) awesome
Just like, 厉害 is also used to describe people's ability or work. So we usually say 真厉害 when people share with you news about their accomplishments.

7. 太厉害了

pinyin. tài lì hai le – literal. too awesome liberal. (you are) so awesome
When the news is so great, and the person has done such a fantastic job and 真厉害 is not even enough for you to praise them. You can use 太厉害了!

8. 我都替你高兴

pinyin. wǒ dōu tì nǐ gāo xìng – literal. I'm happy in place of you liberal. I‘m happy for you
我都替你高兴 means that even though you are not them, you feel just as happy as they do. The character  here implies "even". This is a common way to say I'm happy for you in Chinese.

How to Say Congratulations in Chinese Like A Native

9. 我为你(而)骄傲

pinyin. wǒ wèi nǐ  'ér jiāo 'ào – literal. I'm proud of you liberal. I'm proud of you
In English people say I'm proud of you. In Chinese it can be translated as 我为你(而)骄傲.

10. 你是我的骄傲

pinyin. nǐ shì wǒ de jiāo 'ào – literal. you are my pride liberal. I'm proud of you
In Chinese people say 你是我的骄傲 when they feel proud of someone. If it's parents who are saying that, they usually say 你是爸爸(bàba)的骄傲 or 你是妈妈(māma)的骄傲.

11. 我早就知道你会成功的

pinyin. wǒ zào jiù zhī dào nǐ huì chéng gōng de – literal. I early knew you would succeed liberal. I knew a long time ago that you'd succeed
How to say congratulations in Chinese to someone who's worked so hard for so long? When it is really a big deal? Try this one 我早就知道你会成功的, meaning that you've believed in them and supported them all along.

12. 我早就知道你能行的

pinyin. wǒ zǎo jiù zhī dào nǐ néng xíng de – literal. I early know you could do it liberal. I knew all along that you could do that
Similar as No.11, 我早就知道你能行的 means that you've always trusted them and knew they could accomplish great things.

Do you know some other useful ways to say congratulations in Chinese?
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