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1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners – Lesson 13

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1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners: Lesson 13

In this thirteenth lesson of our “1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners” Course, we will learn another group of the 1000 Most Common Chinese Words, which contains the following 20 words and phrases that are very useful for daily Chinese conversations:

  • 怎么 zěnme ▸ q.pron. how
  • 认识 rènshi ▸ v. to be acquainted with; to recognize
  • 旅游 lǚyóu ▸ v. to travel as a tourist
  • 加油 jiāyóu ▸ come on; go for it (expression used to encourage)
  • 啊 a ▸ p. used at the end of an Exclamatory Sentence to add to the tone
  • 自己 zìjǐ ▸ pron. self
  • 听到 tīngdào ▸ v. to hear
  • 一些 yì xiē ▸ num.-m.w. phr. some
  • 去年 qùnián ▸ n. last year
  • 明年 míngnián ▸ n. next year
  • 走 zǒu ▸ v. to walk
  • 黄色 huángsè ▸ n. the color of yellow
  • 办公室 bàngōngshì ▸ n. office
  • 帮 bāng ▸ v. to help
  • 渴 kě ▸ adj. thirsty
  • 好玩儿 hǎowánr ▸ adj. (of toys, games, activities, and people’s personality etc.) funny; entertaining [*spoken with 儿 in spoken language]
  • 雨 yǔ ▸ n. rain
  • 饼干 bǐnggān ▸ n. cookie; biscuit
  • 上 shàng ▸ v. to move upwards; to get onto
  • 下 xià ▸ v. to move downwards; to get off from


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