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1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners – Lesson 14

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1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners: Lesson 14

In this fourteenth lesson of our “1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners” Course, we will learn another group of the 1000 Most Common Chinese Words, which contains the following 20 words and phrases that are very useful for daily Chinese conversations:

  • 语言 yǔyán ▸ n. language
  • 世界 shìjiè ▸ n. world
  • 恭喜 gōngxǐ ▸ v. congratulations
  • 呢 ne ▸ p. used at the end of a question to soften the tone
  • 打字 dǎzì ▸ v. phr. to type (characters)
  • 种 zhǒng ▸ m.w. type; kind
  • 鱼 yú ▸ n. fish
  • 蓝色 lánsè ▸ n. the color of blue
  • 大家 dàjiā ▸ pron. everyone (within a certain range)
  • 高兴 gāoxìng ▸ adj. happy
  • 生病 shēngbìng ▸ v. to get sick
  • 看病 kànbìng ▸ v. to diagnose the sickness; to have the sickness checked out
  • 跑 pǎo ▸ v. to run
  • 快 kuài ▸ adj. fast; quick; rapid
  • 慢 màn ▸ adj. slow
  • 碗 wǎn ▸ n. bowl
  • 鸡蛋 jīdàn ▸ n. chicken egg
  • 这个星期 zhè ge xīngqī ▸ n. phr. this week
  • 爷爷 yéye ▸ n. paternal grandfather; used to address an old man
  • 奶奶 nǎinai ▸ n. paternal grandmother; used to address an old lady


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