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1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners – Lesson 20

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1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners: Lesson 20

In this 20th lesson of our "1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners" Course, we will learn another group of the 1000 Most Common Chinese Words, which contains the following 20 words and phrases that are very useful for daily Chinese conversations:

  • 多大 duō dà ▸ how old
  • 几岁 jǐ suì ▸ how old (typically asking sb. younger than 10)
  • 别人 biérén ▸ pron. other people
  • 对了 duì le ▸ by the way
  • 帽子 màozi ▸ n. hat
  • 了 le ▸ p. aspect particle used after an action verb and before the object to mark the completion of an action
  • 白色 báisè ▸ n. (the) color (of) white
  • 已经 yǐjīng ▸ adv. already
  • 放 fàng ▸ v. to add (sth.) into (sth.)
  • 都 dōu ▸ adv. both; all
  • 洗澡 xǐzǎo ▸ v. / v. phr. to take a shower; to take a bath
  • 戴 dài ▸ v. to wear (accessories)
  • 或者 huòzhě ▸ conj. or (used in declarative sentences)
  • 难吃 nánchī ▸ adj. (of food) bad tasting
  • 难看 nánkàn ▸ adj. bad-looking; not entertaining-to-watch
  • 跳舞 tiàowǔ ▸ v. / v. phr. to dance (dance)
  • 懂 dǒng ▸ v. to understand
  • 刷牙 shuā yá ▸ v. phr. to brush teeth
  • 上个月 shàng ge yuè ▸ n. phr. last month
  • 下个月 xià ge yuè ▸ n. phr. next month


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