Vol. I: Words 1-200
Vol. II: Words 201-400
Vol. III: Words 401-600

1000 Words – Practice 01


Finish the practice both by handwriting, typing and recording yourself reading the sentences out loud.

Make one (or more) sentences for each of the following new words:

  • 你好 nǐhǎo
  • 再见 zàijiàn
  • 请问 qǐngwèn
  • 知道 zhīdào
  • 好 hǎo
  • 谢谢 xièxie
  • 不客气 búkèqi
  • 对不起 duìbuqǐ
  • 没关系 méiguānxi
  • 说 shuō
  • 有 yǒu
  • 朋友 péngyou
  • 中文 Zhōngwén
  • 喂 wèi
  • 去 qù
  • 和 hé
  • 今天 jīntiān
  • 人 rén
  • 叫 jiào
  • 名字 míngzi


*Optional* Share your work with us in the comment discussion section.


"Practice" is our new feature to encourage learners to speak out and put the language into use, especially in a self-study setting. "Skills like speaking a new language can only be developed through practice." Keep it up!

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