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1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners – Lesson 18

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1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners: Lesson 18

In this eighteenth lesson of our "1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners" Course, we will learn another group of the 1000 Most Common Chinese Words, which contains the following 20 words and phrases that are very useful for daily Chinese conversations:

  • 是吗 shì ma ▸ is (it?); yes(?)
  • 可能 kěnéng ▸ m.v. perhaps; probably; possibly; might; maybe
  • 回答 huídá ▸ v. to answer; to respond
  • 嗯 èng ▸ interj. huh; uh-huh; hmm
  • 欢迎光临 huānyíng guānglín ▸ welcome (to our shop, restaurant, etc.)
  • 休息 xiūxi ▸ v. to rest; to take a break
  • 卖 mài ▸ v. to sell
  • 每个 měi ge ▸ pron.-m.w. phr. every “one” (of)
  • 菜单 càidān ▸ n. menu
  • 拿 ná ▸ v. to take; to get; to grab
  • 准备 zhǔnbèi ▸ v. to prepare; to get ready
  • 花 huā ▸ n. flower
  • 轻 qīng ▸ adj. light; not heavy
  • 重 zhòng ▸ adj. heavy; not light
  • 读 dú ▸ v. to read
  • 果汁 guǒzhī ▸n. fruit juice
  • 常常 chángcháng ▸ adv. often; usually
  • 这个月 zhè ge yuè ▸ n. phr. this month
  • 上 shàng ▸ n. surface; top
  • 上面 shàngmiàn ▸ n. surface; top


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