1000 Most Common Chinese Words For Beginners

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1000 Common Chinese Words

| The Most Common Chinese Words.

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Example Sentences

1000 Common Chinese Words Sample Lesson

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About This Course

Welcome to "1000 Common Chinese Words," a specially crafted course designed to guide language enthusiasts, like you, through the amazing world of the Chinese language. Whether you're a beginner aiming to get a solid start or an intermediate learner looking to enhance your vocabulary, this course can teach you something new.

Course Structure

  • Extensive Vocabulary Lessons: The course encompasses a thorough exploration of the 1000 most commonly used Chinese words, to teach you these vital components of daily Chinese communication .
  • 50 Engaging Video Lessons: Divided into 50 video lessons, each session introduces 20 new words, teaching their meanings, pronunciations, and usage. Our videos are designed to emulate a classroom-type environment, providing a warm and interactive learning space, even in a virtual setting.
  • Practical Example Sentences: To help you understand the context and use of each word, we provide two example sentences, ensuring your learning is not just theoretical, but also applicable in real-world conversations.

Interactive Learning Methods

  • Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge: After each lesson, we have two types of quizzes:
    1. Drag and Drop Quiz: A fun and interactive way to help reinforce your memory and understanding of the words learned.
    2. Typing Quiz: A method to practically apply your learning and enhance your ability to use the words in written communication.
  • Practice Task: A unique opportunity for you to apply the learned words in creating sentences or small paragraphs. This task can be a written piece, a spoken presentation, or a creative project, allowing you to demonstrate your understanding and usage of the new vocabulary.
  • Audio Vocabulary List: Each lesson page includes an audio vocabulary list so that you can hear each word over and over again to aid in memorizing them and getting accustomed to their pronunciation.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Comprehensive Vocabulary List: Our selection of words is curated from the 1000 most commonly used Chinese words, ensuring that your learning is relevant and directly applicable in most Chinese-speaking contexts.
  • Self-Paced Learning: With a structure that allows you to learn at your own pace, you can take your time with each lesson, ensuring you fully grasp each word and its applications before moving on to the next.

Start Learning Today!

Join us in exploring the rich and vibrant Chinese language, enhancing your linguistic skills, and unlocking new opportunities for communication and understanding. "1000 Common Chinese Words" is not just a course; it's your pathway to bridging cultures and making new connections through language.

Let's start on this exciting journey together and discover the beauty and nuances of the Chinese language!


Chinese Words


Example Sentences




Practice Tasks

Learn Beginner Chinese Course With Li Hao

Course Writer & Teacher

Lili Hao

Lili Hao is the dedicated Teacher and Course Writer at ChineseFor.Us. With a Master's Degree in Chinese Linguistics and a Bachelor's Degree in English, Lili brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her teaching. Having taught Chinese as a second language at several universities in China, including Sichuan University, Lili has honed her skills and teaching methodologies over the past 10 years. As a certified HSK and YCT Examiner, Lili understands the importance of standardized Chinese language proficiency tests and incorporates this knowledge into her course material. Her passion for teaching and helping students achieve their language goals shines through in every lesson she creates.

Course Structure

  • There are 50 lessons in total.
  • Two quizzes per lesson.
  • One practice task per lesson.
  • Audio vocabulary list.
  • Reference example sentences.

Clickable Audio Vocabulary List

image depicting the clickable audio vocabulary list included with each lesson

In each lesson, you will find a Clickable Audio Vocabulary List. This is a list of the 20 vocabulary words that you will learn. Next to each word, there is a small button that you can click. When you click this button, you will hear how the word is spoken in Chinese. This helps you learn the right way to say each new word. You can click and listen as many times as you want, making it easy to practice and remember the words. This feature helps you learn to understand the words when you hear them and to say them correctly when you speak.

Reference Example Sentences

a list of example sentences included for each lesson

In every lesson, we give you 40 example sentences for you to look at any time. These sentences help you understand how to use the new words in real conversations. Each of the 20 new words comes with 2 sentences that show you how to use it in talking or writing. You can read and listen to these sentences many times to practice. This way, you can learn not only the new words but also how to use them when you talk or write in Chinese. This helps you get better at making your own sentences in your conversations.

Course FAQ

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