How to Say Happy New Year in Chinese

Get Chinese New Year Sale: EXTRA 15% OFF All Membership Chinese New Year is also known as the Lunar New Year 农历新年 nónglì xīnnián or Chinese Spring Festival, 春节 chūn jié. The date of Chinese New Year doesn't fall on the same day each year, because it is decided by the Chinese Lunar Calendar. And this

Italian Basketball Player Nicola Natali – Student Spotlight

ChineseFor.Us Student Spotlight ITALIAN BASKETBALL PLAYER NICOLA NATALI LEARNS CHINESE We are proud to present our student Nicola Natali 倪致远, who is a professional basketball player from Italy. He has been learning with ChineseFor.Us since October 2017 after studying for a few months in the city of Casale Monferrato. We asked Nicola a few questions about

Should I Worry About My Accent When Speaking Chinese?

How To Improve And Practice Chinese Pronunciation Should I Worry If I Have An Accent When Speaking Chinese? One of the biggest challenge to learn Chinese is to have perfect Chinese pronunciation. Almost every Chinese learner struggles to practice Chinese pronunciation. This blog will give you some useful tips on how you can improve Chinese

Useful Online Chinese Learning Resources

Introduce you to some of the most useful Chinese learning resources. Something else you may need for studying Chinese besides taking online-courses.Useful Online Chinese Learning Resources What else do I need for studying Chinese better? There are a great number of Chinese learning resources on the internet, and they provide you with different ways of

HSK1 Character List | HSK Test Level 1 Characters

HSK1 Character ListHSK Test Level 1 Characters This page serves as a reference page for people who want to take the HSK1 Test. The HSK1 Test consists of 150 words and is considered beginner level Chinese. We've organized this HSK1 vocabulary list based on parts of speech and then alphabetically. You can find the Hanban

We’re Going to China. Video Ideas?

WE'RE GOING TO CHINA. ANY VIDEO IDEAS? We're going to China and spend three weeks there. We are planning on making some fun videos while traveling there. Do you have any video ideas to inspire us? Comment and let us know! You can also use this video as a Chinese listening practice material or a Chinese

16-Year-Old Calligraphy Artist from Georgia – Giorgi Germesashvili

16-year-old Chinese Calligraphy Artist Our friend Giorgi Germesashvili is 16 years old and from the country of Georgia. He's been learning Chinese for a few years now and can express himself very well. But Giorgi didn't stop at just learning the language, he also devoted himself to the art of Chinese calligraphy. He shares some of his calligraphy works

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