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ChineseFor.Us Weekly [June 2 2023]

[May 22 2023] Everybody Makes Mistakes Sometimes Ancient Chinese Wisdom #7/60 Let's all give ourselves a break by learning this proverb in our seventh episode of Ancient Chinese Wisdom. It's...
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ChineseFor.Us Weekly [May 26 2023]

[May 15 2023] Time Plus Effort Equals Result Ancient Chinese Wisdom #6/60 In this slice of wisdom from our Ancient Chinese Wisdom Series, let's revisit the theme of perseverance and...
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ChineseFor.Us Weekly [May 19 2023]

[May 8 2023] Be Fearless and Worry-free Ancient Chinese Wisdom #5/60 In this fifth episode of our Ancient Chinese Wisdom series, the ever-sagacious Confucius points out to us that a...
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ChineseFor.Us Weekly [May 12 2023]

[May 1 2023] The Key to Constant Happiness Ancient Chinese Wisdom #4/60 Welcome to our fourth episode of Ancient Chinese Wisdom! In this episode, we present you the ancient Taoist...
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ChineseFor.Us Weekly [May 5 2023]

[April 24 2023] Know Your Opponent, Know Yourself | Art of War Ancient Chinese Wisdom #3/60 Unlock the secrets of victory with this crucial lesson from the ancient Chinese military...
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ChineseFor.Us Weekly [Apr 28 2023]

[April 17 2023] Even A Baby Step Goes A Long Way | Taoist Proverb Ancient Chinese Wisdom #2/60 Let's discover together in this episode how success is gained by taking...
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