What courses do you provide?

We have three types of courses: Structured Courses, Skill-based Courses and Speaking Courses.

Structured Courses


Skill-based Courses


Speaking Courses

Which course should I start with?

If you’re a “day-1 beginner”, or almost a complete beginner,

  1. start with the Basic Level of our Structured Courses and learn at your own pace
  2. in the first week, finish all the Introduction Lessons of Pinyin CourseTone Courseand Character Course.
  3. finish the three courses mentioned in No.2 as soon as you can(Pinyin, Tone and Character) while learning the Basic Level
Who wrote the courses?

All courses are designed solely by ChineseFor.Us, founded by Lili and Chuck.

It’s a product based of over 20,000 hours of both teaching and studying Chinese at college level between Lili and Chuck.

The lessons and quizzes are tailor-made for these purposes and/or with these features:

  • e-learning with a classroom-like approach
  • all language skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing and interpreting
  • HSK requirements
Do I need textbooks?

Extra materials are always good.

But you don’t need to get any textbooks to learn our courses.

A well-designed traditional set of Chinese student books usually come with a textbook, a workbook, a character workbook, a CD for the textbook, and a CD for the workbook. It can easily cost you over $150 just to get the full set of books.

Our website provide you all of them.

Get membership here to unlock all content and features.

Do you teach Simplified Characters or Traditional Characters?

Simplified Characters are used in Mainland China and Singapore, while Traditional Characters are used in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. 

We use Simplified Characters for our lesson videos, lesson pages, lesson quizzes, etc. 

Once you are familiar with one of the writing system, it should be fairly easy to get used to and be able to read the other, because there are certain rules how characters are simplified. Here's a video lesson about 6 ways how characters are simplified.


Do I get a certificate after completing a course?

Yes, a "Certificate of Completion" will be generated in PDF form after you completing a course. It can be found on your "My Progress" page.

Please also change your First Name and Last Name on your "Account Details" page so that the certificate will display your name correctly.

*Please note that the certificate is issued on behalf of ChineseFor.Us LLC, as a proof of completion of our course. An official language proficiency test certificate might be required by your employer, school, etc. 

What steps are needed to complete a course?
To complete a course, please:
  • click the "MARK COMPETE" button on the pages of (the button is located on the bottom of the page right above the comment section):
    • all lessons
    • all practice tasks
    • all unit reviews
    • the final exam
    • the vocabulary list at the end


  • finish
    • all quizzes
    • the final exam
How do I check for incomplete steps?

To check incomplete steps for each course, please:

  1. Check incomplete quizzes (on your "My Progress" page)
    • click "Expand All" on the top right corner of the content table
      • completed quizzes will be listed with a green check mark and a score
      • incomplete quizzes will not be included in the list (solution: please complete those quizzes)
  2. Check incomplete course content (at the bottom on each course page)
    • click "Expand All" on the top right corner of the content table
      • completed lessons will be marked with a green check
      • incomplete lessons will be marked with a gray check (solution: please go to those pages and click the "Mark complete" button)
      • completed practice tasks completed will be marked by a green dot
      • incomplete practice tasks will be marked with a gray dot (solution: please go to those pages and click the "Mark complete" button)

7-Day Free Trial

Are there free sample lessons?

We offer free lessons for all our courses.

You can check them out on our Free Chinese Lessons page.

Do you offer a Free Trial period?

Yes we do offer a 7-day free trial period for every newly-registered account.

Just simply register and you can start your free-trial right away. No credit card information needed.

*A free-trail membership gives you access to more content than guest visitors, however it does not give full access to all premium content.

Premium Membership Subscription

Why do I need a Premium Subscription?

We have 1-month6-month and 12-month subscription.

A premium subscription grants access to all existing content and features on the website during the membership period.

All newly-released content are also accessible if your Premium Subscription is still active. 

How do I get a Premium Subscription?

You can sign up to our subscriptions here. We now have three types of subscriptions:

  • 1-month
    • access for premium content and features for 1 month
    • payment renews every month
  • 6-month
    • access for premium content and features for 6 month
    • payment renews every 6 months
  • 12-month
    • access for premium content and features for 12 month
    • payment renews every 12 months
Future content releases?

We are always working on new content. However, the amount of educational content in each course is different. Some take a long time to prepare while others might take a shorter time. Because of this, release times will vary. 

ChineseFor.Us does not promise exact release dates. Upon purchase, you will have access to the entire site, and you will have access to updates as long as your subscription is active.


The amount of content in each HSK course, increases exponentially. For example:

HSK 2's content is equivalent to: Beginner + Level 1 combined

HSK 3's content is equivalent to: Beginner + Level 1 + Level 2 combined

and so on...

Membership vs. Subscription?

On your My Account page, there is a "Memberships" tab, and a "Subscriptions" tab.


  • handles your access to premium content and features
  • please do not cancel it in any case


  • handles your auto-renewal payment.
  • you can cancel it anytime to end payment auto-renewal and still have access to premium content and features
Can I pause my access and reactivate it later?

Unfortunately we do not pause or extend access in any case.

Membership subscription is a product that grants access to all existing content and features on the site within a set number of days.

Also our free trial period gives all users a general idea of how many lessons we have and how fast their learning pace would be.

Do you issue refunds?

For initial orders:

We do not issue refunds. This is because we have sample lessons for each course and every account has a 7-day free trial period.

*Some exceptions may apply, feel free to contact us if you have questions. Thanks for your understanding.

For renewal orders:

If you forgot to cancel the subscription and were charged, we can issue the refund  as long as you contact us within 30 days after the order and no studying activities occurred during that time period.

A small amount of processing fee (including fee charged by the payment gateway, such as Stripe and Paypal) will be deducted.

Why do I see "Oops...Members Only"/Ads as a Premium Member?

If you have a Premium Membership, please

  • make sure you’re logged in with your account, then please refresh the page to fix that page, or clean your browser cache to fix all pages.
  • if you're logged in and still sees the ad, please


If you don’t have a Premium Membership, please go premium.

I'm in China/Indonesia..., why can't I see any lesson video?

Unfortunately if you’re in China and Indonesia, you will need to use a VPN to be able to watch the lesson videos.

This is because currently our video hosting service is blocked and not accessible in China and some other countries.

Once we can, we will upgrade to a service that can be accessed in more countries.

Cancelling Subscription

Is canceling Subscription easy and hassle-free?
Yes, definitely.
To cancel a subscription, please

As long as you cancel before the day of the renewal, you will not be charged again.  

Will I lose access to premium content after cancelling?

No. After cancelling the auto-renewal subscription, your access to premium content and features remains active. This is because:


  • handles your access to premium content and features
  • please do not cancel it in any case


  • handles your auto-renewal payment.
  • you can cancel it anytime to end payment auto-renewal and still have access to premium content and features

On your My Account page, you can manage your "Memberships" and "Subscriptions".

What is "Pending Cancellation"?
"Pending Cancellation" means that you've already cancelled the subscription which stops the automatic recurring payment.
It is "pending" because your membership is still active and be will fully cancelled when your 1-month, 6-month or 12-month term is due.

Lesson & Quizzes

How can I learn all lessons?

You can unlock all lessons, quizzes and other features simply by becoming a premium member of our site.

Go premium now.

Where do I access my courses?

You can access all courses on the all course page.

Please read user guide to better navigate the site.

How do I track my learning progress?

Click “MARK COMPLETE” button whenever you finish a lesson.

The button is at the bottom of the lesson page, right before the comment section.

You can find all your lesson progress and quiz statistics on your learning progress page.

How do I review my Quiz Results?

You can view quiz statistics on your learning progress page.

Go the the bottom of the page, click “Expand All”, and then click the “clipboard” icon of each quiz to view your answers and compare it with the correct answers.

How do I type Chinese Characters In quizzes?

Here’s a video lesson on how to type Chinese characters.

Please reference this page for guides on installing a Chinese input for your system.

Can I ask questions while learning?

Whenever we see questions that are commonly shared by many Chinese learners, we will try our best to answer them, or even turn them into full video lessons later.

However, unfortunately we might not be able to answer every question, which falls into the category of private 1-on-1 teaching.

User & Account

What if I forget my password?

Lost your password? Please reset it here.

Sometimes the password-reset email might be delivered into your email spam folder, please try look for it if you don’t see it in your inbox.

How do I upload/change my profile picture?

You can upload or change your profile picture on the my account page.

Do I have to use my real First Name and Last Name?

The “First name” and “Last name” are for billing purposes, please make sure it matches your Payment Card information.

They will not be displayed publicly, your display name will be.

How can I change my Display Name?

You can change/edit your display name. You display name is shown public on our site for comments, lesson practice and quizzes.

Your username is submitted when you registered on our site and since your email can be changed on the user's end, we use username as the ID to identify subscription order and membership, therefore  the username cannot be changed. But your username will not be displayed publicly if you have set up a display name.

Where can I report an issue?

If you find a problem in a lesson or in a quiz, please comment on the lesson or quiz page. 

For other issues, please contact us.

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