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Topic Based Vocabulary

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Topic Based Vocabulary Course Sample Lesson

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About This Course

Welcome to "Topic-Based Chinese Vocabulary," a dynamic course tailored for language enthusiasts eager to increase their Chinese vocabulary through theme based learning. This course is ideal for beginners who want to build their vocabulary systematically or for intermediate learners aiming to deepen their understanding of specific topics.

Course Structure

  • Thematic Vocabulary Lessons: A structured journey across various everyday topics, from food to technology. Each lesson focuses on a single theme, enabling you to learn words in a cohesive and contextual manner.
  • 30+ Video Lessons: The course is spread over 30+ video lessons, with each lesson dedicated to a different topic. Learn about fruits in one lesson, medical in another, and so on, each introducing multiple related vocabulary words.

Interactive Learning Methods

  • Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge: Check your learning progress with fun and educational quizzes following each lesson.
  • Audio Vocabulary List: To aid in pronunciation and retention, each lesson includes an audio list of the vocabulary, allowing you to listen and repeat the words as often as needed.
  • Downloadable PDF: Every lesson has it's own downloadable PDF to help you study wherever you want!

Why Choose This Course?

  • Focused Learning: By concentrating on one topic at a time, this course helps you develop strong, topic-specific vocabulary, making it easier to master and remember the words.
  • Self-Paced Learning: With the flexibility to learn at your own pace, you can immerse yourself fully in each topic until you are confident with the vocabulary and its applications.

Start Learning Today!

Embark on a vibrant journey through the Chinese language with "Topic-Based Chinese Vocabulary." Enhance your language skills, deepen your cultural understanding, and open new doors to communication. This course is more than just language learning; it's about connecting deeply with the topics you love and expressing yourself more fluently in Chinese.
Let's begin this exciting educational adventure and unlock a world of new vocabulary!


Chinese Words






Downloadable PDFs

Learn Beginner Chinese Course With Li Hao

Course Writer & Teacher

Lili Hao

Lili Hao is the dedicated Teacher and Course Writer at ChineseFor.Us. With a Master's Degree in Chinese Linguistics and a Bachelor's Degree in English, Lili brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her teaching. Having taught Chinese as a second language at several universities in China, including Sichuan University, Lili has honed her skills and teaching methodologies over the past 10 years. As a certified HSK and YCT Examiner, Lili understands the importance of standardized Chinese language proficiency tests and incorporates this knowledge into her course material. Her passion for teaching and helping students achieve their language goals shines through in every lesson she creates.

Course Structure

  • There are 30+ lessons in total.
  • Two quizzes per lesson.
  • Audio vocabulary list.
  • One downloadable PDF per lesson

Clickable Audio Vocabulary List

image depicting the clickable audio vocabulary list included with each lesson

In each lesson, you will find a Clickable Audio Vocabulary List. This is a list of the important vocabulary words that you will learn. Next to each word, there is a small button that you can click. When you click this button, you will hear how the word is spoken in Chinese. This helps you learn the right way to say each new word. You can click and listen as many times as you want, making it easy to practice and remember the words. This feature helps you learn to understand the words when you hear them and to say them correctly when you speak.

Downloadable Lesson Vocabulary PDF

an image of the pdf you get with each lesson

Each lesson comes with a free downloadable PDF of the lesson vocabulary, so that you can study the vocabulary wherever and whenever you want! You can cover up the Pinyin or the English translation to test your knowledge. It's very similar to flashcards.

Course FAQ

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