All Courses

All Courses

This page covers our full range of educational content and courses for learning Chinese. Including various subjects and proficiency levels, catering to everyone from day 1 beginners to those aiming to enhance their conversational skills or delve into more complex and sophisticated topics.

Structured Levels

These are our comprehensive structured Chinese courses. In these courses, we learn about many different parts of the Chinese language. We will study words, grammar, how to speak, listen, and write. It provides a thorough overview of every part of Chinese learning but without majorly focusing on any one specific aspect. These courses are all New HSK 3.0 compliant.

Vocabulary Building

In this section, we offer courses designed specifically to enhance your Chinese vocabulary. You'll encounter a wide range of words and phrases, ensuring a better understanding of the Chinese language.

Skill Based

In this section, we dive deep into specific aspects of learning Chinese. From mastering how to write Chinese Characters, understanding the Chinese pinyin system, to learning how to pronounce the Chinese tones perfectly. Each course here is designed to master a particular skill.


In this section, we present a series of videos designed to be both fun and creative. Rather than traditional lessons, this section offers a refreshing twist to learning Chinese. While you won't learn how to speak Chinese entirely from these videos, you might just learn something new!

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