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Students from every age group, everything from kids to senior citizens. Coming from over 30 different countries


Lili earned a masters degree from the prestigious Sichuan University located in Sichuan China


Lili teaches HSK & YCT (the Chinese proficiency exams for adults and children)at a certified HSK & YCT test center and is a certified examiner.

What People Say About Us

“Very accurate lessons!!! When I moved to Varese I had to find a new way to study and, thank goodness, I found Lili and ChineseFor.Us!!”

NICOLA NATALI - Instagram | @niknat8

“The most in-depth course you’ll find. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. While looking at their HSK 1 Course, I found myself learning new things even though I’m preparing for an HSK 5 exam.”

NICHOLAS DAHLHOFF - All Language Resources

“Thanks for your videos! You guys have a great approach with the Chinese characters and audible speech before putting the pinyin and english translation up. Keep it up! I'm hungry for knowledge.”


What We Focus On


Comprehensive Skills

With our learning system you will learn all the skills you need to become fluent in Chinese, whether it be listening, speaking, reading, or writing, we’ve got you covered. Learning Chinese has never been so easy.

HSK Integrated

Our lessons are tailor made to correspond with HSK levels so that when it’s time for you to take your test you’ll know exactly what to study. We give you everything you need to pass with flying colors.

Multimedia Quizzes

Every lesson has quizzes that help reinforce what you’ve learned and strengthen your Chinese. Complete with audio, you’ll master listening in no time.

Grammar Guide

Chinese grammar can sometimes be difficult, but we always make sure to explain it thoroughly and give you multiple examples.

Audio Vocabulary List

Every lesson has a list of all the vocabulary for that lesson, complete with audio so that you can practice along with it.

Why Choose Us?

Get Full Access to our Entire Site

Our lessons are not just videos. We want you to see them as your own personal classroom. For just $9.99 a month*, you gain unlimited access to more than 200 lessons about Pinyin, Tones, HSK, Characters, and most importantly the Chinese language itself. You’ll have hours of classes to choose from, everything you need to learn Chinese.

Learn Chinese from Anywhere

With our streaming platform, it doesn’t matter where you are. You can start a class from your computer, resume from your phone, and start back up whether you’re on the subway, at a restaurant, or in bed. Videos are updated every month so there’s always something new to learn.

Classroom-like Education

Our videos are a product of our time spent in the classroom. We know what it’s like to be a student and we try our best to cater to that feeling. You don’t have to enroll at a Chinese university to learn Chinese. We bring the university to you.

Learn from an Experienced Instructor

Lili is one of the only teachers you’ll find outside of a University that has a master’s degree specifically in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. She has taught classes in all age groups, everything from children, college students, and entrepreneurs. Chuck also has a background in education and spent 5 years in China getting a bachelor’s degree in Chinese, while achieving HSK level 6.

Pass Your HSK

Over the past few years, there has been growing interest in taking the HSK Chinese proficiency test. Whether you’re in school and have to take it, or you just want to test your level of Chinese, we can help you pass with flying colors. Also passing certain levels of the HSK can open opportunities to study abroad in China free of charge.

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