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Most people struggle with Chinese tones, but we’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be hard. With practice it can become second nature.

With this course you’ll learn all about the Chinese tones, including in depth instruction on the 3rd tone and tone pairs. We’ll tell you about why the tones are so important and give you multiple tips to sound like a native. Don’t wait till later, start perfecting your tones today!

Master the Tones

Tones are really hard for students to learn, especially students whose native language is non-tonal, but with our help you’ll be pronouncing the tones just like a native Chinese speaker.

Learn Easily and Accurately

With our methods and illustrations, we paint a vivid picture of the Chinese tones, it’s a great help when it comes to understanding them and learning how to say them.

Interactive Video

Our videos are not only informative but interactive as well, you can practice along with every video with our pronunciation and listening exercises. Also, there’s quizzes for every video to help improve your skills.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to write Chinese characters, but maybe you thought that it was too difficult? 

We make it easy with our Hands-on Writing Course. We take you from the very beginning and walk you through all the steps, everything from strokes to stroke order. By the end of our course, we guarantee that you will be able to write ANY Chinese Character no problem!

Learn Stroke Order

Stroke order is extremely important when writing Chinese characters. We show you all the rules.

Character Construction

You’ll learn how the different parts of the character are put together.

Understand the Whole Writing System

You’ll learn the inner workings of writing Chinese characters and increase your understanding.


Have you tried learning Chinese pronunciation but you thought that “there’s no way that I can learn this”? 

Well in our perfect pronunciation pinyin drills course, we make learning Chinese pronunciation easy! You’ll learn all the fundamentals of Chinese pinyin and will be able to pronounce Chinese in no time!

Techniques that Work

We’ll introduce you to a variety of pronunciation techniques that are easy and work. With a little practice you can sound like a native speaker.

Easy to Learn

We go in depth to help make the pinyin pronunciation easy to learn.

Listening Practice

Increase your Chinese listening skills with our listening practice and quizzes for each lesson.


Sometimes when you learn a phrase it’s not always easy to figure how to use it or when you should use it.

In this free series you will learn how to use a phrase in various situations and context. Try it today and increase your vocabulary.

Learn the Situations

Learning when you should use a phrase can be hard, but don’t worry we’ll walk you through it.

Increase Your Conversational Skills

Each lesson includes 2 small dialogues to help increase your conversational skills.

Speak Chinese Like a Native

Like the title suggests with this course you’ll learn to say phrases just like how a Chinese person would say them.


If you want to sound fluent, it’s always important to know different ways of saying the same idea, that way you can really get your point across.

In this free series you will learn multiple ways of saying one thing in Chinese, for example 10+ ways to say sorry. Try it today so that you’re not stuck just using the same way every time.

Learn Multiple Ways

Why say something just one way, when you can say it a bunch of different ways! How to say in Chinese will help you do just that.

Express Yourself

Expressing yourself in Chinese is extremely important, especially in daily life or everyday conversation.

Learn to use Phrases Properly

With this course we’ll not only give you multiple examples but will also show you how to use these phrases properly.




Lili Hao is the founder and Head Instructor of ChineseFor.Us. She has a Master’s Degree in Chinese Linguistics and a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She has taught Chinese as a second language in several universities in China including Sichuan University and is currently teaching Chinese in the United States. She has students from over 20 countries, from all different age groups. As a language learner and world culture lover herself, she hopes to use her linguistic knowledge and skills to provide an easy and fun way to learn the Chinese language.




Chuck is the Creative Director and Assistant Teacher for ChineseFor.Us. He is a native English speaker with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese and HSK Level 6. He studied Chinese for 5 years in China at the prestigious Sichuan University and is still studying today. He enjoyed every minute of life in China and he hopes that he can share his experience of the country and the language with you.