Group Purchase

Group Purchase

We offer group purchase discounts for educators, corporate users and family and friends. Please fill out the form below for enquiry.



    Which membership plan are you interested in? (*1 month plan is not available for group order)6 months12 months
    The group purchase is for: school student educationa corporate employee training programa group of students who are friends or family

    The site will be used: (*you can pick more than one option)during the classesafter classes for review and homework

    How many students are there in total?
    What content and features will be used during a class? (*you can pick more than one option)lesson videosquizzespractice tasks

    Will there be multiple retakes performed on the same single quiz during one single class? yesno

    How many times do you estimate the retake would be? <5 times5-10 times>10 times

    Do you need individual student accounts to track each student's own learning progress and quiz statistics? yesno

    How many individual student accounts do you need?
    Do you need a supervisor account to track each student's quiz statistics and learning progress? yesno

    How often will you check students quiz statistics and other data? more than once per daymore than once per weekabout once per weekabout once per monthabout once per semester
    How many supervisor accounts do you need to access back end student quiz statistics and learning progress?
    Which courses will the students be taking? (*We will set up back end statistics management for the supervisors according to your course selection.)Character CoursePinyin CourseTone CourseDay-1 Beginner CourseLevel 1 CourseLevel 2 CourseLevel 3 Course

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