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Beginner Unit 2 Review: Lesson 6-10

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Chinese Speaking Practice Video with Basic Chinese Family Tree

Unit 2 Review ▸ In this unit review, we have 3 Chinese Speaking Practice Video. After practicing with the dialogue and phrases, we will be able to read a basic Chinese Family Tree and say all the Chinese family members for beginners. What’s more, we’ll be able to say personal pronouns, say personal possessive, ask a “who-question“, ask a “yes-no question“, and say whether to know a person or not.

PART 1. Chinese Speaking Practice Video


In this Chinese speaking practice video, Lǐ Hǎo 李好 is showing his photo album to his friend Dàwèi 大卫. Listen to the dialogue, repeat after it, and answer the following questions:


  • Listen to the dialogue
  • Repeat after the dialogue
  • Answer the given questions
  • Copy the transcript both by typing and handwriting
  • Practice daily until fluent


  1. Who’s the girl?
  2. What’s her name?
  3. Who’s the guy?
  4. Is the guy Li Hao’s little brother?
  5. Does Li Hao know Teacher Wang’s Daughter?
  6. Does Li Hao know Teacher Wang’s son?


A: Lǐ Hǎo, tā shì shéi?

B: Tā shì wǒde mèimei。

A: Tāde míngzi shì shénme?

B: Tāde míngzi shì Lǐ 'Ài。

A: Tā shì nǐde dìdi ma?

B: Bù。Tā búshì wǒde dìdi。Tā shì wǒ jiějiede péngyou。

A: Nǐ rènshi Wáng lǎoshīde nǚ'ér ma?

B: Bù。Wǒ bú rènshi Wáng lǎoshīde nǚ'ér。Wǒ rènshi Wáng lǎoshīde érzi。

A: 李好,她是谁?

B: 她是我的妹妹。

A: 她的名字是什么?

B: 她的名字是李爱。

A: 他是你弟弟吗?

B: 不。他不是我弟弟。他是我姐姐的朋友。

A: 你认识王老师的女儿吗?

B: 不。我不认识王老师的女儿。我认识王老师的儿子。

A:Li Hao, who is she?

B:She is my little sister.

A:What's her name?

B:Her name is Li Ai.

A:Is he your little brother?

B:No. He is not my little brother. He is a friend of my sister's.

A:Do you know Teacher Wang's daughter?

B:No. I don't know Teacher Wang's daughter. I know Teacher Wang's son.

PART 2. Personal Pronouns and Possessive Particle 的


In this Chinese speaking practice video, we will be able to say all the single and plural Personal Pronouns in Chinese. Also, we will be able to say Personal Possessive Words such as my, your and their.


  • Watch the video
  • Repeat after the video
  • Practice daily until fluent

PART 3. Chinese Family Members for Beginners


A Chinese Family Tree could easily have a few dozens members on it. For beginners it is unnecessary to know how to say all the different relatives in Chinese. In this Chinese speaking practice video, we will focus on the Basic Chinese Family Tree, which covers Chinese family members for beginners: parents and siblings. Repeat after the video and be able to say all of them.


  • Watch the video
  • Repeat after the video
  • Practice daily until fluent
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