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Beginner Unit 3 Review: Lesson 11-15

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Daily Chinese Conversation Video: Greetings, Birthday and Date

Unit 3 Review ▸ In this Unit review  we have 3 Daily Chinese Conversation Video. After practicing with the dialogue and phrases, we will be able to say daily expressions, greetings, birthday and date fluently. Also we will be able to read information on a calendar in Chinese more quickly.

PART 1. Daily Chinese Conversation Video: Greetings, Birthday and Date


In this daily Chinese conversation video, Lǐ 'Ài 李爱 is talking to her teacher Wáng Lǎoshī 王老师 on the campus. Listen to the dialogue, repeat after it, and answer the following questions:


  • Listen to the dialogue
  • Repeat after the dialogue
  • Answer the given questions
  • Copy the transcript both by typing and handwriting
  • Practice daily until fluent


  1. What time is it now?
  2. What day is it today?
  3. Is today Teacher Wang’s birthday?
  4. What date and day is Teacher Wang’s birthday?


李     爱:Wáng Lǎoshī,nínhǎo!

王老师:Lǐ 'Ài,zǎoshàng hǎo!

李     爱:Wáng Lǎoshī,xiànzài jǐdiǎn?

王老师:Xiànzài zǎoshàng shídiǎn língsìfēn。

李     爱:Jīntiān xīngqī jǐ?

王老师:Jīntiān xīngqī wǔ。

李     爱:Wáng Lǎoshī, jīntiān shì nínde shēngrì ma?

王老师:Jīntiān búshì wǒde shēngrì。

李     爱:Nínde shēngrì shì jǐyuè jǐhào?

王老师:Wǒde shēngrì shì sìyuè shírì。

李     爱:Jīntiān shì sìyuè jiǔrì,míngtiān shì nínde shēngrì!Nīnde shēngrì shì zhōuliù。Shēngrì kuàilè!

王老师:Xièxie nǐ Lǐ'Ài!Zàijiàn!

李     爱:Wáng Lǎoshī zàijiàn!

李     爱:王老师,您好!


李     爱:王老师,现在几点?


李     爱:今天星期几?


李     爱:王老师,今天是您的生日吗?


李     爱:您的生日是几月几号?


李     爱:今天是四月九日,明天是您的生日!您的生日是周六。生日快乐!


李     爱:王老师再见!

*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

李     爱:Teacher Wang, hello!

王老师:Li Ai, good morning!

李     爱:Teacher Wang, what time is it now?

王老师:Now it's 10:04 in the morning.

李     爱:What day is it today?

王老师:Today is Friday.

李     爱:Teacher Wang, is today your birthday?

王老师:Today is not my birthday.

李     爱:What month and what day is your birthday?

王老师:My birthday is April 10.

李     爱:Today is April 9, tomorrow is your birthday! Your birthday is (on) Saturday. Happy birthday!

王老师:Thank you Li Ai, bye!

李     爱:Teacher Wang, bye!

PART 2. Date: Calendar in Chinese


Two people are talking to each other, listen to the Chinese conversation.


  • Watch the video
  • Repeat after the video
  • Practice daily until fluent

PART 3. Daily Chinese Conversation Video: Greetings


How to greet people in Chinese at different times of the day? Watch this video and learn some useful Daily Chinese Conversation for greetings. Repeat and practice with the video until you can say all the greetings fluently.


  • Watch the video
  • Repeat after the video
  • Practice daily until fluent
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Lesson Discussions

Premium Student

Hi Lili!
I’m also slightly confused by a tiny detail: I thought you would rather use 早上 until around 9AM; but 王老师 answers once 现在早上十点零四分. Is this somehow just flexible, or should he rather have said 现在上午十点零四分?

Graduated Student

Hi Lili: in Part 1, in the first part of the video where the dialogue is without pinyin, at 2:18 there is the phrase “Happy Birthday” where the pinyin is shown. The same phrase at 7:43 also shows the pinyin. Thanks!

Premium Student

您好, LiLi 老师,
What if I want to ask my friend’s birthday?
Can I say: 你的朋友的生日是几月几日? or
谢谢 Li 老师!

Premium Student

The quality of this course is really good。真好!

MeZo _ ALameri
MeZo _ ALameri

hi lili … i am still confused about a sentences in part 1 when he asked her (您的生日是周六) but if i said (您的生日是星期六) does it still make sense or not

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