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About This Course

"Get started with the premier beginner Chinese course from ChineseFor.Us and learn Chinese for day 1 beginners. Our course is the perfect way to get your foot in the door and master the basics of the language. With over 200 useful Chinese sentences, 38 Chinese grammar points, 120 Chinese characters, and 43 Chinese radicals, you'll have everything you need to start your Chinese learning adventure off on the right foot. Each lesson is presented in a video format that you can stream from most devices, and comes with an audio vocabulary book, written grammar explanations, and interactive quizzes. Whether you're looking for easy Chinese lessons for beginners, basic Chinese language learning, or want to master Mandarin Chinese for beginners, our course has got you covered. Start your journey to learn this beautiful and exciting language today with ChineseFor.Us."


Useful Chinese Sentences


Chinese Grammar Points


Chinese Characters


Chinese Radicals

Learn Beginner Chinese Course With Li Hao

Course Writer & Teacher

Lili Hao

Lili Hao is the dedicated Teacher and Course Writer at ChineseFor.Us. With a Master's Degree in Chinese Linguistics and a Bachelor's Degree in English, Lili brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her teaching. Having taught Chinese as a second language at several universities in China, including Sichuan University, Lili has honed her skills and teaching methodologies over the past 10 years. As a certified HSK and YCT Examiner, Lili understands the importance of standardized Chinese language proficiency tests and incorporates this knowledge into her course material. Her passion for teaching and helping students achieve their language goals shines through in every lesson she creates.

Course Structure

  • There are 4 units in total.
  • In every unit, there are 5 lessons.
  • Each lesson has 2 topics. Topic 1 focuses on speaking and topic 2 focuses on characters.
  • One quiz per topic.
  • One dialogue and one long story per unit.
  • Two assigned presentation tasks per unit.

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

learn how to write chinese characters for beginners

This course will also teach you how to write Chinese characters, each topic 2 lets you follow along with our video and practice writing on a downloadable writing sheet. As a beginner Chinese learner we believe learning characters and how to write characters is crucial to the Chinese learning process. Start learning today and you will be impressing your friends and family in no time.

What do I get from this Beginner Chinese Course?

Lesson Video
  • sentence drills to master structures
  • short dialogues for instant practice
  • interactions with a real teacher
  • pausing time for you to speak out loud
  • knowledge of character construction and word formation
Lesson Page
Lesson Quiz
Unit Review
Presentation Practice

Course FAQ

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48 thoughts on “Level Basic: Beginner Chinese Course”

  1. Nesika Premium Student

    Dear Lili, thank you so much for this beginner course. This was extremely helpful on my way to learn the basics of Chinese. I look forward to HSK ! course with you. Kamila

  2. DeZean Premium Student

    This is for everyone that wants to know if this method works or not. Tomorrow will be my learning Chinese 1 year anniversary. I can read, write, and speak Mandarin with native speakers now. I hope this message will help every person that is guessing if this will help you learn Chinese. It really will!
    Thank you, and Keep Going!

  3. Pili Hdz Premium Student

    I found this website some time ago and I think it’s the best video-course based website.
    But I have one doubt, I understand that every level will enable me to apply for the HSK test, and that’s great, I wanna know if this course is gonna teach me SLANG as well, aside from all the formalities given in this course.

    1. Lili Hao Teacher

      Thanks for your interest. Our goal is to release structured courses as our priority, as there are many other ways to study slang. Also, slang isn’t standard across regions in China, and is subject to change every couple of years.

      We thank you for your high rating of courses and we wish you the best of luck with your studies.

  4. Enrique Alapont Asins Premium Student

    first of all I would like to congratulate you for the courses. They are really useful and you can learn a lot. Looking at my course, although I am not completely sure, I think I have completed the quizzes and the videos. I would like to know what else do I have to do to finish this elementary level. I apologize for my questions,

  5. Partha Bose Premium Student

    Can you please suggest how to improve listening skills ? I am finding it very difficult to make out the meaning of the conversation in Mandarin for reading comprehension. Cannot seem to get the native speaking style and the fast pace.

    1. ChineseFor.Us Academic Team

      Practice makes perfect.

      That is why our structured courses are designed with a lot of practice materials to help develop and improve all language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing and even translating. If you follow each step without skip and practice strictly under the course instructions, improvements can be expected to be seen.

      Also at beginner level, we wouldn’t worry if a student has trouble “getting the native speaking style”. Instead, at beginner level, we recommend students to focus on the course content: grammatical structures and sentence patterns, vocabulary and character writing.

      And achieving “native level” can be held as a long-term goal. It takes time and effort, but eventually you can get there.

      1. Paea Premium Student

        Really glad I got to read this informative and reassuring response. Long term goal. Focusing on what matters at the moment as you’ve mentioned.

  6. Daniel Premium Student

    Is it common to focus only in Speaking and listening… and once you are ok with it… maybe start with writing and reading?
    In case I want to do that, if I dont do the writing lessons, is ok to follow the course? Or to do it properly I must do all one by one?


  7. Athena Harris (黄茜紫) Premium Student

    你好 Lili 老师,I took Chinese one and two in college last semester, we learned all the way up to how to order food in a restaurant and how to tell time. Should I continue in the beginners’ course or should I move onto HSK1?

      1. Paea Premium Student

        Great, I’ve recommended this to my older sister because my niece and nephew take Chinese in school but struggle with pronunciation at the moment. They’re in Grade 1 and kindergarten but I think if my older sister takes these courses with her husband then they can definitely help their children do better in Chinese language.

  8. JamesPoll Student

    Thank you for your help.
    Before, I had no clue to speak Chinese.
    But, through this course, I could speak in Chinese a little.
    I want to speak Chinese fluently.
    Thank you.

  9. Amalina Premium Student

    Thank you for making a very thoughtful and comprehensive course. I really appreciate all the details that has been thought in the course. I can’t wait to start learning HSK 1 course.

  10. Sierra Premium Student

    So, I have a question about names. When I look at translation of my name to Chinese it looks sort of like this 黑暗山强度 . My name is Sierra, and that was it’s meaning if I go based on why my parents named me…. but it seems impossible to use that name. It’s a Spanish Irish translation into Chinese, and someone I’m trying to practice with said it is much easier if I try to adopt a Chinese name for the future.

  11. Adrianjacrz Premium Student

    Excellent course, I found it very useful! The only area of opportunity that I found was that the final exam was way too easy and too short, it should be longer and harder so we can really test everything that you taught us. Other than that, I loved it.

    1. Lili Hao Teacher

      I understand that some learners might expect this Final Test to be more challenging.
      When I made this test, it was more for the purpose of testing whether the learner has mastered all the vocabulary and grammar in this level (also for learners to test if they need to study this course if they have been learning Chinese with other resources and decide to use our course), instead of challenging them to see if they will be capable for more complicated language tasks. Especially because this is a beginner course.
      The test is 10 questions per quiz, but you can retake it and the whole question bank has 250 questions.
      But the quizzes for Level 2 Course are much more challenging, because learners are expected to be able to use the language in a more flexible way in that level.

      1. Lormejean AstoGuest

        Hi lili, ummm…. I’m currently learning chinese mandarin, i’m asking for a favor?!?!
        Can you give me a tip to pass an chinese oral reading??
        It’s so hard for me, because it all written in chinese characters, hope you can help me!!!

  12. vmaier3000 Premium Student

    Hi Lili,
    I took this course last year (probably some lessons this year too). I did all the tests but I don’t have a ‘certificate’ for any test? I do have a green checkmark next to all the tests. Is there a separate test I have to pass?

    1. Lili Hao Teacher

      Hi Valentin,
      At the moment we don’t currently have “Certificates” set up for the courses. But it’s definitely something we plan to implement in the future. But congratulations on completing all the quizzes. Keep up the good work!

    2. Just an update, now we have included a certificate for each course. A “Certificate of Completion” will be generated in PDF form after you completing a course. Please see “CERTIFICATE” section on our FAQ page for details.

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