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Learn Chinese Tones with ChineseFor.Us Tone Lessons

The best Chinese Tone Help Course there is!

Hanyu Pinyin Tone Course

Learn Chinese Tones
The First Tone
The Second Tone
The Third Tone; The Third Tone becoming The Second Tone; The Half Third Tone
The Fourth Tone; The Half Fourth Tone
The Neutral Tone (is not a real Tone)

Learn Chinese Tones Change Rules
(1) Two Third Tones in a row
(2) Three Third Tones in a row
(3) Half Third Tone
(4) Half Fourth Tone
(5) The Neutral Tone
(6) Character 不 Tone Rule
(7) Character 一 Tone Rule

How Does It Help to Learn Chinese Tones?

Learn Chinese Tones One By One
Start with the First Tone and tackle the Tones one at a time. Learn their original pronunciation, tone pairs and tone change rules.

Chinese Tone Help with Visualized Tone Graph
Animated Tone Graph for each Tone, Tone Pair and Tone Group, making it easy and fun to practice.

Hundreds Of Mandarin Chinese Pinyin Tone Drills
For each Tone and their change rule, you will have dozens of fun Tone Pairs, Tone Groups and Sentences to practice with.

Format of This Hanyu Pinyin Tone Course

Lesson Excerpt
All Tone Lessons come with this short guide. You can preview, review and do self-assessment with it.

Video Tone Lesson
A 5-10 minutes instructional video with a quick listening practice at the end.

Listening quizzes
Two types of questions: multiple choices or fill in the blanks. Each lesson has 10 questions.

Professional Assistance with Chinese Tone Help
If you have any questions about the 4 Basic Mandarin Tones, or need any help, please feel free to let us know or discuss with other students in our comment section. We strive to create a welcoming and friendly learning community.

To Make Best Use of This Hanyu Pinyin Tone Course

STEP 1: Watch the video. Do the Tone Drills. Finish the Listening Practice in the video.  Go to STEP 2 if the Listening Practice is easy × Redo STEP 1 if it is challenging.
STEP 2: Use the lesson page, and check to see if you remember each key point.  Go to STEP  3 if yes × Redo STEP 1 if not.
STEP 3: (Rewatch video if needed) Do Lesson Quiz.  Go to NEXT LESSON if you passed × Redo STEP 1 if not.

Take Free Tone Lessons and Learn Chinese Tones Today!

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