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The Best Chinese Tone Course For How To Read And Pronounce the Mandarin Chinese Tones

For Students Who Wish To:

Learn the Chinese Tones

Practice Tone Combinations

Improve Their Pronunciation

Practice Their Listening

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Course Writer & Teacher

Lili Hao

Master's Degree in Chinese Linguistics & Bachelor's Degree in English.
8 years teaching experience.
Certified HSK & YCT examiner.

Achieve A Full Understanding of Chinese Tones

  • 16 Video Lessons
  • 15 Listening Practices
  • 15 Quizzes
  • 150 Questions
  • 1st Tone
  • 2nd Tone
  • 3rd Tone
  • 4th Tone
  • Neutral Tone

Course Structure

Lesson Excerpt
All Tone Lessons come with this short guide. You can preview, review and do self-assessment with it.

Video Tone Lesson
A 5-10 minutes instructional video with a quick listening practice at the end.

Listening quizzes
Two types of questions: multiple choices or fill in the blanks. Each lesson has 10 questions.

Professional Assistance with Chinese Tone Help
If you have any questions about the 4 Basic Mandarin Tones, or need any help, please feel free to let us know or discuss with other students in our comment section. We strive to create a welcoming and friendly learning community.

What Can I Learn from this Chinese Tone Course?

Learn Chinese Tones
The First Tone
The Second Tone
The Third Tone; The Third Tone becoming The Second Tone; The Half Third Tone
The Fourth Tone; The Half Fourth Tone
The Neutral Tone (is not a real Tone)

Learn Chinese Tones Change Rules
(1) Two Third Tones in a row
(2) Three Third Tones in a row
(3) Half Third Tone
(4) Half Fourth Tone
(5) The Neutral Tone
(6) Character 不 Tone Rule
(7) Character 一 Tone Rule

Why Does It Help to Lean Chinese Tones?

Learn Chinese Tones One By One
Start with the First Tone and tackle the Tones one at a time. Learn their original pronunciation, tone pairs and tone change rules.

Chinese Tone Help with Visualized Tone Graph
Animated Tone Graph for each Tone, Tone Pair and Tone Group, making it easy and fun to practice.

Hundreds Of Mandarin Chinese Pinyin Tone Drills
For each Tone and their change rule, you will have dozens of fun Tone Pairs, Tone Groups and Sentences to practice with.

How To Use This Course

STEP 1: Watch the video. Do the Tone Drills. Finish the Listening Practice in the video.  Go to STEP 2 if the Listening Practice is easy × Redo STEP 1 if it is challenging.
STEP 2: Use the lesson page, and check to see if you remember each key point.  Go to STEP  3 if yes × Redo STEP 1 if not.
STEP 3: (Rewatch video if needed) Do Lesson Quiz.  Go to NEXT LESSON if you passed × Redo STEP 1 if not.

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13 thoughts on “Pronunciation: Tone Drills”

  1. Arizona Cowboy Premium Student

    This course was thoughtfully designed and skillfully executed. Now, I have a ‘sound’ basis for the tones. I will continue to review this as I move forward in my study of Mandarin. Thank you!

    1. Lili Hao Teacher

      Thank you so much for your kind words. We’re really glad to hear you’re finding the Mandarin course helpful! It’s always great to see someone taking steps forward in their learning journey!

  2. MMCFireman Premium Student

    I enjoyed doing the course, it has been very helpful in the understanding of the tones used to speak the Chinese language. I still am still having difficulty in hearing the tones changes in the exercises, especially with tone 3. I am using a translation app on my phone for audio feedback as well as for translation of my spoken word which is hit and miss because of the inaccuracy of my spoken Chinese tones. I do feel as if I am making progress, but for sure a slow road ahead.

  3. Hiroshi Suzuki Premium Student

    This course was super helpful to really understand the different tones especially in different context. It made me to make sure I can fully execute them.

  4. mareign Premium Student

    at first i am having a hard time doing the tone drills, i am so confused with 2nd and 4th tone, but as i repeat the videos and the exercises, i was able to follow it with ease. thanks, this is really helpful and interesting!

  5. Chris Burkett Premium Student

    Very good course! Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but I’m only starting. Can you explain the phrase “sorry”, duibuqi, in the context of the lesson on bu and tones?

  6. kyrayfalk Premium Student

    This was the first ever exposure I have had to speaking Mandarin Chinese. I believe it is a very valuable first step to build a solid foundation to a long journey in learning to speak Mandarin. Thank you!

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