HSK 2 Course with 80 Level 2 Chinese lessons. Learn HSK 2 Chinese Course online and the best Low Intermediate Chinese Course with videos and quizzes!

Level 2 (HSK 2+): Intermediate Chinese I






The Best HSK 2 Course
For Lower Intermediate Chinese Learners

For Students who passed Level 1 Course

Learn HSK 2 vocabulary and grammar

Practice speaking and listening

Learn other useful phrases

Do character reading, typing, and writing

Learn Mandarin Chinese Online with ChineseFor.Us

Course Writer & Teacher

Lili Hao

Master's Degree in Chinese Linguistics & Bachelor's Degree in English.
8 years teaching experience.
Certified HSK & YCT examiner.

Achieve Lower Intermediate Chinese Level

  • 200+ New words
  • 200+ New Chinese characters
  • 150+ Grammatical structures
  • 2000+ Useful sentences
  • 3000+ Minutes of planned learning time
  • 10 Dialogues
  • 10 Stories
  • 10 Units
  • 30 Speaking Lessons
  • 30 Character Lessons
  • 60 Quizzes
  • 600 Quiz Questions

Course Structure

  • There are 10 Units in total.
  • In every Unit, there are 3 lessons.
  • Each lesson has 2 topics. Topic 1 focuses on speaking and Topic 2 focuses on  characters.
  • One quiz per topic.
  • One long dialogue and one long story per unit.
  • Two assigned presentation tasks per unit.

What do I get from this HSK 2 Course?

  • sentence drills to master structures
  • short dialogues for instant practice
  • interactions with a real teacher
  • pausing time for you to speak out loud
  • knowledge of character construction and word formation
  • clickable audio vocabulary book with translation and HSK notes
  • grammar guide with English translation
  • example sentences with Characters, Pinyin and English
  • practicing vocabulary and sentences
  • skill development from Pinyin to Characters
  • typing, sorting, listening, recognizing questions
  • a dialogue or a story that put language into real usage
  • language skills of longer speeches
  • assigned writing and speaking presentation practice for each lesson
  • community to post and share your practice work

Course FAQ

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Course Content

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