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What You Can Do After Learning this Course

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ChineseFor.Us Beginner Chinese

The Best Beginner Course For Beginner Chinese Learners

Learn beginner vocabulary and grammar

Practice speaking and listening

Learn other useful phrases

Do character reading, typing, and writing

Learn Mandarin Chinese Online with ChineseFor.Us

Course Writer & Teacher

Lili Hao

Master's Degree in Chinese Linguistics & Bachelor's Degree in English.
8 years teaching experience.
Certified HSK & YCT examiner.

Achieve Beginner Chinese Level

  • 200+ Useful Basic Chinese Sentences
  • 38 Chinese Grammar Points
  • 120 Chinese Characters
  • 43 Chinese Radicals
  • Video Instruction
  • Audio Vocabulary Book For All Lessons
  • Written Grammar Explanations
  • Interactive Quizzes

Course Structure

  • There are 4 Units in total.
  • In every Unit, there are 5 lessons.
  • Each lesson has 2 topics. Topic 1 focuses on speaking and Topic 2 focuses on  characters.
  • One quiz per topic.
  • One long dialogue and one long story per unit.
  • Two assigned presentation tasks per unit.

What do I get from this Beginner Chinese Course?

  • sentence drills to master structures
  • short dialogues for instant practice
  • interactions with a real teacher
  • pausing time for you to speak out loud
  • knowledge of character construction and word formation
  • clickable audio vocabulary book with translation and HSK notes
  • grammar guide with English translation
  • example sentences with Characters, Pinyin and English
  • practicing vocabulary and sentences
  • skill development from Pinyin to Characters
  • typing, sorting, listening, recognizing questions
  • a dialogue or a story that put language into real usage
  • language skills of longer speeches
  • assigned writing and speaking presentation practice for each lesson
  • community to post and share your practice work

Course FAQ

Do I need books to study this Beginner Course?

Absolutely not!

All the Beginner Chinese Lessons are solely developed by the ChineseFor.Us team.

Our website is your virtual Chinese classroom.

Learn our beginner course here and you don’t have to get extra books or any other materials.

This is and Level 1 are the only HSK 1 Course you need to learn HSK Level 1 and pass the test.

Does this course cover all HSK 1 requirements?

This course combined with our Level 1 Course covers all  the required grammar points and vocabulary for HSK 1.

Is the course only for test-prep purposes?

It's for so much more than just passing the test!

Our priority is real language skills. We designed the course so that the students will be able to speak, understand and read Chinese no problem.

And we made sure that all HSK 1 requirements are also covered while achieving practical language skills.

Take free trial lessons now!

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Course Discussions


Ni Hao Lili, xièxiè for everything (sorry if it’s wrong i haven’t watched ALL of your videos yet). But still thank you

Gu Do Hyung
Gu Do Hyung

Hi Lili, can I have a link for downloading writing sheets? Thank you for everything.


Is this content ok for kids to learn as beginners


Thank you for your help.
Before, I had no clue to speak Chinese.
But, through this course, I could speak in Chinese a little.
I want to speak Chinese fluently.
Thank you.

Kim. yuna 89
Kim. yuna 89

NI HAO lili


Hi Lili, thank you so much for your hard work. I’m learning a lot!!


so far this is the best website I have seen. thanks, Lili

Graduated Student

Thank you for making a very thoughtful and comprehensive course. I really appreciate all the details that has been thought in the course. I can’t wait to start learning HSK 1 course.


Hello LiLi, how can I buy this course?

Graduated Student

So, I have a question about names. When I look at translation of my name to Chinese it looks sort of like this 黑暗山强度 . My name is Sierra, and that was it’s meaning if I go based on why my parents named me…. but it seems impossible to use that name. It’s a Spanish Irish translation into Chinese, and someone I’m trying to practice with said it is much easier if I try to adopt a Chinese name for the future.

Graduated Student

Excellent course, I found it very useful! The only area of opportunity that I found was that the final exam was way too easy and too short, it should be longer and harder so we can really test everything that you taught us. Other than that, I loved it.

Graduated Student

Hi Lili,
I took this course last year (probably some lessons this year too). I did all the tests but I don’t have a ‘certificate’ for any test? I do have a green checkmark next to all the tests. Is there a separate test I have to pass?


I like that your Beginner Chinese Course is simple and to the point whereas others are too complicated for beginners.

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