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Level 1 Unit 6 – Dialogue: Can You Help Me Buy…?

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"Can You Help Me Buy Something" In Chinese | Beginner Chinese Speaking Practice

Unit 6 Review 1 ▸ In this beginner Chinese speaking practice, we will learn and know how to ask "can you help me buy something" in Chinese with a dialogue.


  • Listen to the dialogue
  • Repeat after the dialogue
  • Answer the given questions
  • Copy the transcript both by typing and handwriting
  • Practice daily until fluent


马可 is talking to his friend 高飞。

  1. What do they plan to do on Sunday?
  2. When is 马可 going back to America?
  3. Is 高飞 going to travel in America?
  4. Who is buying whom an Apple phone?
  5. When does the movie start?


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马可=Mǎkě    高飞=Gāofēi

*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

高飞:Mǎkě, what (are) you (going to) do this Sunday?

马可:I (do) not know. (How about) you?

高飞:I this Sunday want to go buy some stuff. (Do) you want to go?

马可:(Yes, I) want to. You go to the store to buy what?

高飞:I want to go to the store to buy a "jian" (of) clothes. My clothes (are) too small. You want to buy (some)thing?

马可:I want to buy some tea leaves. I next month the 6th day (go) back to America, (and I) want to buy some tea leaves for (my) friend(s). Next month we (do) not take class, (are) you (going to) travel?

高飞:I next month (will) not go, (I) this month go.

马可:You this month which day go?

高飞:This month the 10th's plane, go to Shanghai.

马可:You go to Shanghai's bookstore to buy me a book, okay?

高飞:Okay, you want to buy what book?

马可:(The) book's name is I Am In Shanghai; I Don't Want to Leave. They say this book (is) pretty good to read.

高飞:Okay. You go back to America to buy me a cellphone, okay? I want to buy an Apple Phone.

马可:Okay. Today (do) you want to watch (a) movie?

高飞:(Yes, I) want to. The movie when starts?

马可:Afternoon 2 o'clock.

高飞:Okay, we (will) go to watch (then) movie.

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