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Level 1 Unit 3 – Dialogue – Practice

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1. Practice the dialogue in the unit review video

(1) (Listen and) read out the dialogue in the video daily.

(2) Copy the dialogue text both by typing and handwriting.

2. Write another dialogue

You are the parent of a 10-year-old son/daughter. Their teacher had a talk with you because the son/daughter:

(1) didn't read the book
(2) didn't learn Chinese

And the son/daughter:

(3) slept at school
(4) listened to music and watched movie with their cellphone at school

You decide to sit and talk to the son/daughter and tell them what the teacher said about them. The son/daughter is going to admit (1) and (2), but say that they didn't do (3) or (4).

Create a dialogue for the above scenario.

Act out the dialogue and record a video or an audio of this practice.

 Try to use only vocabulary that you've already learned, especially the ones in this lesson or this unit.


*Optional* Share your work with us in the comment discussion section.


"Practice" is our new feature to encourage learners to speak out and put the language into use, especially in a self-study setting. "Skills like speaking a new language can only be developed through practice." Keep it up!

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