Level 1 Lesson 25.1 – Please Take A Seat and Have Some Tea!

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Please in Chinese with 请 | Excuse Me in Chinese | Imperative Sentence in Chinese with Modal Particle 吧

In this video lesson we'll learn how say please in Chinese with 请, how to say excuse me in Chinese and how to say an Imperative Sentence in Chinese wit Modal Particle 吧

  • Imperative Sentence in Chinese
  • Please in Chinese with 请
  • Modal Particle 吧
  • Excuse me in Chinese with 请问



Grammar 1: Please in Chinese with 请 · HSK 1

When we want to make a suggestion or a request politely, for example if we want to say please do something in Chinese, we can use this structure:

+ Verb Predicate (+Object)

For example,

(1) With Object

  • qǐng hēchá 请喝茶! please drink tea
  • qǐng kāimén 请开门。please open (the) door

(2) Without Object

  • qǐngzuò 请坐。 please sit / please take a seat
  • qǐngjìn 请进! please enter / please come in


With 请 we can say an Imperative Sentence in Chinese with a nice and polite tone.

Grammar 2: Imperative Sentence in Chinese with Modal Particle 吧· HSK 1

We can also say an Imperative Sentence in Chinese with the Modal Particle 吧 by using this structure:

Verb Predicate (+Object) + 

For example,

(1) With Object

  • hēchá ba 喝茶吧! drink tea
  • guānmén ba 关门吧。close (the) door

(2) Without Object

  • zuò ba 坐吧。 (just) sit
  • zǒu ba 走吧! (let's) go/ (just) go

Imperative Sentence with Modal Particle 吧 usually have a nice and polite tone, even though the English translation of it might not sound nice.


Grammar 3: Excuse me in Chinese with 请问 · HSK 1

When we want to ask someone a question and get their attention, we can say 请问 to mean excuse me in Chinese, followed by the question itself. For example,

  • qǐngwèn, wǒ míngtiān néng bú shàngbān ma
    excuse me, can I not go to work tomorrow
  • qǐngwèn, nǐ huì xiě zhège Hànzì ma
    excuse me, do you know how to write this Chinese character
  • qǐngwèn diànshì kāiguān zài nǎr
    excuse me where is the TV power switch
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