Level 1 Unit 5 – Story: What’s In The Room?

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Introduce What's In Your Room in Chinese | HSK 1 Beginner Chinese Reading Material

Unit 5 Review 2 ▸In this HSK 1 beginner Chinese reading material, we will practice how to introduce what's in your room in Chinese with a short story. You will learn how to use Locality Nouns in Chinese such as , 外, 上, 下, 前面 and 后面 to describe the location of the items in your room.


  • Listen to the story
  • Repeat after the story
  • Answer the given questions
  • Copy the transcript both by typing and handwriting
  • Practice daily until fluent



This is from Mǎkě 马可's journal.

  1. What’s on the bed?
  2. What’s in front of the chairs?
  3. What’s behind the computer?
  4. What’s under the cup and what’s in the cup?
  5. What’s outside of the school?


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*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

This is my room. My room (is) pretty small, (and) it's in Beijing.

There is a bed in the room, (and) a "jian" (of) clothes on the bed.

There are two chairs in front of my bed, (and) there is a "zhang" (of) table in front of the chair.

There is a computer on the table, (and) there are some Chinese books behind the computer.

There is a cup in front of the computer, (and) there is a plate underneath the cup, (and) there is some tea in the cup.

There is a Chinese school behind my room. There are some students outside of the Chinese school.

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Mihaela AlbuPremium Student February 3, 2024 at 4:14 pm

这是我的房间。我的房间很小,在北京。我的房间里有一张床, 床上有一件衣服。 我的床前面有两把椅子, 椅子前面有一张桌子。 桌子上有一台电脑, 电脑后面有一些汉语书。 电脑前面有一个杯子, 杯子下有一个盘子,杯子里有一些茶。我的房间后有一所汉语学校。 这所汉语学校外面有一些学生。

DeZeanPremium Student January 25, 2022 at 8:51 am


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