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Level 1 Lesson 6.1 – This Computer Is Too Expensive, How About That One?

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Too Expensive And So Cheap In Chinese | Descriptive Particle 的

In this video lesson we'll learn how to say Too Expensive and So Cheap in Chinese with 太.……了 Structure. Also we'll learn how to use two important words: Descriptive Particle 的 and Question Particle 呢.

  • Exclamatory Sentences with 太.……了 structure in Chinese
  • Descriptive Particle 的 in Chinese
  • Question Particle 呢 in Chinese
  • Say Too Expensive and So Cheap in Chinese: 贵 VS. 便宜


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Grammar 1: Question Particle 呢 in Chinese · HSK 1

In Chinese, we can use 呢 to ask a contextual question that is explained by the previous statement or the context. It could be asking about “how about something” or “where is something” depending on the context. We put 呢 after the topic that we're asking about, like this:

____  + 


  • wǒ xiǎng mǎi yìtái diànnǎo, nǐ ne 我想买一台电脑,你呢?I want to buy a computer, how about you?
  • jīntiān bùxíng, míngtiān ne 今天不行,明天呢? Today is not OK, how about tomorrow?


  • wǒde qián ne 我的钱呢? Where is my money?
  • Lǐ Lǎoshī ne 李老师呢? Where is Teacher Li?


Grammar 2: Exclamatory Sentences With 太.……了 Structure in Chinese · HSK 1

There are different ways to make Exclamatory Sentences in Chinese, one of them is with 太……了 Structure. We put an Adjective in the middle:

太 + Adjective + 了 

  • tài piányi le 太便宜了! (It's) so cheap!
  • tài guì le 太贵了! (It's) too expensive!
  • tài hǎohē le 太好喝了!(It's) so tasty!
  • tài xiǎo le 太小了! (It's) too small!


Grammar 3: Descriptive Particle 的 in Chinese in Chinese · HSK 1

We learned 的 being a Possessive Particle before, today we'll learn another usage. It's the Descriptive Particle 的. We can use it to help an Adjective to describe a Noun or a Noun Phrase:

Adjective + 的 + Noun (Phrase)

  • piányi de cháyè 便宜的茶叶 cheap tea leaves
  • guì de kāfēi 贵的咖啡 expensive coffee
  • dà de Hànyǔ xuéxiào 大的汉语学校 big Chinese school / major Chinese school
  • hǎochī de shuǐguǒ 好吃的水果 tasty fruits


Grammar 4: Say Too Expensive and So Cheap in Chinese: 贵 VS. 便宜 · HSK 2

If we want to say too expensive and so cheap in Chinese, we use guì 贵 for expensive, and piányi 便宜 for inexpensive or cheap.

  • zhè tái kāfēijī hěn piányi 这台咖啡机很便宜。This "tai" (of) coffee maker (is) very cheap.
  • nàxiē diànnǎo hěn guì 那些电脑很贵。Those computers (are) very expensive.
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