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Level 2 Unit 5 Dialogue – Can I Ask A Question Really Quick?

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Can I Ask You A Question? Asking Questions in Chinese | HSK 2 Dialogue Listening

In this HSK 2 dialogue listening practice, a student is asking questions in Chinese to their teacher.


  • Pay attention to the HSK 2 dialogue listening practice
  • Repeat after the dialogue
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


xuéshēng zài wèn lǎoshī wèntí
The student is asking the teacher some questions.

  • lǎoshī kěyǐ jiāo zhège xuéshēng zěnme dú zhège Hànzì ma
    Can the teacher teach the student how to pronounce this character?
  • lǎoshī bú gàosu xuéshēng, ràng xuéshēng zuò shénme
    Why wouldn’t the teacher tell the student?
  • xuéshēng měitiān kěnéng yào xué Hànyǔ jǐge xiǎoshí
    How many hours does the student probably learn Chinese every day?



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

学生 xuéshēng  老师 lǎoshī

学生:Teacher Zhou, this character I cannot read, can you teach me really quick?

老师:Yes. This character is “qù”, “qù”, the “qù” of “yǒuqù“, (you) know how to read now?

学生:(Yes I know) how to read now. But I additionally have one question, can (I) ask you really quick?

老师:No problem! What question? You let me take a look really quick!

学生:You look, (it) is this question.

老师:This question… I now cannot tell you. You try to find (it) in the book really quick by your self.

学生:Okay. I (will) take a look at the book really quick… (I) saw (it now) teacher!

老师:You look, you now can self teach (your)self, (it’s) very good!

学生:“Where-where”. (You're flattering me.)

老师:You learn Chinese probably “reaches” two months now(, right)?

学生:(That’s) right, I learn Chinese (for) two months now, now I am (even) more interested in Chinese, (I) (in) evenings and weekends also learn (by my)self at home on the Internet.

老师:You from Monday to Friday every day all take Chinese classes, also learn (by your)self (after) going back (home), (you) every day probably (requires) study 4 hours?

学生:Right, maybe 4 to 5 hours.

老师:Very not bad!

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