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Level 2 Unit 3 Dialogue – Watch Sports Games

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NOTE: at 11:08, the English translation should be 11:40 instead of 11:30. We apologize for the inconvenince.

Talk About Watching Sports Games | HSK 2 Listening Practice

In this HSK 2 listening practice, we will practice with a dialogue where two people talk about watching sports games in Chinese.


  • Listen to this HSK 2 listening practice
  • Repeat after the dialogue
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


Mǎkě hé Gāofēi zài xuéxiào zúqiú chǎng
Mǎkě and Gāofēi are at the school's soccer field.

  • lánqiú bǐsài de ménpiào duōshao yuán yī zhāng
    How much is a basketball game ticket?
  • wèishénme Mǎkě juéde Gāofēi duìtā hěnhǎo
    Why does Make think Gaofei is being nice to him?
  • Gāofēi yào jǐ liǎng niúròu miàn
    How many “liang” of beef noodles does Gaofei want?



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

马可 Mǎkě  高飞 Gāofēi

马可:Today’s soccer game (is) so interesting!

高飞:I think so too, I like playing soccer more (now)! Next week are you still coming to watch the game or not?

马可:(Yes I will) come! Tomorrow (there) still (will be) a “chang” (of) basketball game, (do) you watch (or) not?

高飞: I like playing basketball the most, (and I) also like watching basketball game, but would the tickets be expensive or not?

马可: Not expensive, 50 yuan (per) one “zhang”.

高飞: (Let) us go to buy tickets. I now have 200 yuan (of) money, (if I) buy two “zhang” “of” tickets, (I would) still have 100 kuai.

马可:You intend to buy ticket for me? You are so good to me! But it’s okay, let me buy by myself!

高飞:No way, I intend to buy for you, last week’s soccer ticket, (it was) you (who) bought for me.

马可:OK! Now (it is) 11:40, (do) you want to eat beef noodles or not?

高飞:(Yes I) want to. How many “liang” (of) beef noodles (do) you plan to eat? I want three “liang”.

马可:I want one “liang” (of) beef noodle, one “liang” (of) lamb noodles, (and I) additionally want one “liang” (of) chicken noodles.

高飞:Today’s weather (is) hot, (do) you drink cola or not?

马可:Drinking cola (is) not healthy for (the) body. Drink tea!

高飞:Though drinking tea (is) healthy, but (it is) not tasty.

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