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Unit 2 Dialogue – My Work Has Become More Tiring

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Talk About Work Casually in Chinese | HSK 2 Dialogue

In this HSK 2 dialogue, we will practice and hear how two people talk about work casually in Chinese over some tea.


  • Listen to this HSK 2 dialogue
  • Repeat after the dialogue
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


kāfēidiàn li, Xiè Lǎoshī hé tāde péngyou Gāo Sīwén zài yìqǐ hēchá。
In a coffee shop, Teacher Xie and her friend Gao Siwen is having some tea.

  • shéi měitiān dōu yǒu shíjiān zuò yùndòng
    who has time to do exercise every day
  • wèishénme Gāo Sīwén xiànzài kāichē dào gōngsī yào yòng yíge xiǎoshí
    why does it take Gao Siwen one hour to drive to the company
  • Gāo Sīwén zhège xīngqī jǐ、gěi shéi shàng Hànyǔ kè
    when and to whom is Gao Siwen giving Chinese class this week



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

高思文 Gao Siwen  谢老师 Teacher Xie

高思文:Your kid’s height is very tall, how old is she (now)?

谢老师:Ten. In her school, her height is the tallest.

高思文:Her hair is very long and very pretty. Does she like sports or not?

谢老师:Yes. Because she does sports every day, so her body is pretty healthy, (and she is) pretty happy too.

高思文:I too hope I can have time to do sports every day.

谢老师:How come you don’t have time? Your company is even busier (now)?

高思文:This year is even busier than last year. I feel more tired than last year too. My office is also further (now), I drive to the company to go to work every day, (and) I need to use one hour.

谢老师:(It’s) too far! Do you want to come to our school to be a Chinese teacher? In our school, other people all don’t know Chinese, so we don’t have Chinese teacher.

高思文:Your guys’ school is very close, and very good. I hope I can go there and be a Chinese teacher.

谢老师:Can you also be my kid’s Chinese teacher or not?

高思文:Does she know Chinese or not?

谢老师:(She) knows some, not much. I hope she can learn and know how to use Chinese to type.

高思文:OK. I have time every Sunday afternoon.

谢老师:Sunday afternoon she has music class, do you have time Saturday morning?

高思文:Yes. I (will) go to your house Saturday morning 9 o’clock.

谢老师:OK, thank you Siwen!

高思文:No worries, don’t be polite (anymore)!

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I am not sure I understand the use of 家 in the first sentence.
你们家孩子, can you please explain?

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