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Level 2 Unit 8 Dialogue – It’s A Blind Date!

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It's A Blind Date! Dating Talk in Chinese | HSK 2 Listening Test

In this HSK 2 listening test, we will practice with a dialogue, where a man and a woman are having a blind date. Learn some dating talk in Chinese.


  • Listen to this HSK 2 listening test
  • Repeat after the dialogue
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


yí ge nánrén hé yí ge nǚrén zài fànguǎn
A man and a woman are at a restaurant.

  • nǐ juéde "qiánfū" de yìsi shì shénme
    What do you think is the meaning of "前夫"?
  • nánde láiguo zhèlǐ jǐcì le
    How many times has the man come here before?
  • nǚde líhūn yào jǐnián le
    How many years will it be since the woman got divorced?
  • nánde hé nǚde zài tán liàn'ài ma
    Are the man and the woman in a romantic relationship?



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

男人:Hello, I am Zhong Leming, (I am) very happy (to) meet you.

女人:I also (am) very happy (to) meet you, I am Zhou Xixi, you (can) call me Xixi! Sorry, (you) long waited!

男人:No, (it was) also 5 minutes ago (that) I arrived, (I am) looking at their menu (right now)! (Have) you ever come to this “jia” (of) restaurant?

女人:I (have) not ever come, but I quite like this place, very beautiful.

男人:Their dishes (are) also especially tasty, hope you like (them).

女人:Thanks. You (have) already come (here for) very many times?

男人:I (have) ever come (here for) twice.

女人:What dishes (of) theirs (are) tasty? Can you introduce really quick for me?

男人:(Do) you like (or) not like pizza and beef? Here exists (the) menu, (do) you want (or) not want to look really quick?

女人:OK, thanks. I want to order chicken pizza.

男人:I want beef pizza. What (will) you drink?

女人:I (will) drink fruit tea.

男人: I want coffee (then)!

(After ordering dishes)

男人:(Let) us be waiting, (it) will not (be) very long.

女人:Little Gao said to me, you are his coworker.

男人:Yes, we both work in “Health” Hospital, we (have) met (for) almost 10 years.

女人:Right, he said to me very many things about you. He said you like riding bicycle and paddling boat. I also am practicing paddling boat.

男人:Is (it)? So great, (that) you also are interested in paddling boat. When you have time, we can go paddling boat together!


男人:(I do) not know Little Gao (did or) not tell you, (it was) last year (that) I got divorced, till now (it is) almost one year.

女人:He (has) ever tell me. I also (has been) divorced (for) 3 years. After me and (my) ex-husband got married (for) one year, he went to Beijing to work, (at) that time I still lived in Shanghai. Because (we) were not together, we started to have very many problems.

男人:This I understand, not living together would (be) very difficult.

女人:We ever tired, every day (we) made phone calls, sent emails, wrote letters, all did not work. So we also got divorced.

男人:It’s okay, you and me in the future both still have very many time, (we) will meet the right person.

女人:Right, I now already (am) ready (to) start to be in a relationship.

男人:I (am) very happy (that I) can at this time meet you.

女人:I also am (this way)! / Me too!

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