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Level 2 Unit 7 Dialogue – How Is Your Test-prep Going?

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How Is Your Test-prep Going? Talk About Taking HSK Test | HSK 2 Listening Practice

In this HSK 2 listening practice, we will practice with a dialogue, where two people talk about taking HSK test in Chinese.


  • Listen to this HSK 2 listening practice
  • Repeat after the dialogue
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


Mǎkě hé Xiè Xīngyuè zài Zhōngwén jiàoshì lǐ
Mǎkě and Xiè Xīngyuè are in the Chinese classroom.

  • Mǎkè shénme shíhou juéde HSK tèbié nán
    When did Mǎkě feel that HSK was especially difficult?
  • wèishénme Mǎkě shuō kǎode bù hǎo méi guānzi
    Why does Mǎkě say that it doesn't matter (if one) takes the test not well?
  • Mǎkě wèishénme yào kǎo HSK
    Why does Mǎkě intend to take the HSK test?



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

马可 Mǎkě  谢星月 Xiè Xīngyuè

马    可:Your HSK 2 Test, how is the preparing (now)?

谢星月:The preparing (is) not very good, I did very many questions, sometimes I feel (that) those questions (are) really difficult, how about you?

马    可:HSK 2 Test, I have been preparing (for) two months (now). Before preparing, I felt (it was) especially difficult, after preparing (for) two months, (I) feel (it is) very easy.

谢星月:Really good! You now speak Mandarin also speak especially good! In the future you teach me (for some time)!

马    可:Where-where(You are flattering me), (let) us together learn!

谢星月:When you prepared HSK 2, (it was) which book (that) you used?

马    可:I (did) not use book, (it was) on a website called ChineseFor.Us (that) I learned.

谢星月:The website you used – I know, they teach really not bad! (I) hope I this time(’s) HSK2 test can test very good.

马    可:I know a friend, he took test twice, the first time’s score (was) not very good, but the second time’s (was) especially good, so testing not good (does) not matter, later (you) still can take test.

谢星月:Preparing (for) HSK 3 requires how much long (time)? (Do) you know?

马    可:Some needs three months, some needs six months, additionally some might need one year. Everyone every day’s studying time some (is) a lot, some (is) few. I know (people who) every day learn 30 minutes, also know (people who) every day learn four hours. (People who) study much – HSK 1 and 2 both test well, HSK 3 also will not feel difficult, so (they) prepare very fast.

谢星月:You say (it) really correct! Chinese – I now every day learn (for) one hour, in the future I plan to every day learn (for) two hours. Every one (who) learns Chinese all need to take HSK test?

马    可:Some people learn Chinese (it) is because of interest, some people (it) is because family, additionally some people (it) is because (they) intend to find jobs. I want to see really quick how is (my)self learning (it), so (I) intend to take HSK test.

谢星月:I also want to know (my)self learn (it) good or not good. (I) hope (I) can take test not bad!

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