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Level 2 Unit 8 Story – A Handsome Boy

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A Handsome Boy. Talk About Someone You Are Into in Chinese | HSK 2 Reading Practice

In this HSK 2 reading practice, we will practice with a video and learn how to talk about someone you're into in Chinese.


  • Listen to this HSK 2 reading test
  • Repeat after the story
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


yí ge zhǎng de hěn shuài de nánhái
A Boy (Who) Looks Very Handsome

  • jīntiān yǐqián wǒ jiàn guo Xiǎo Zhǒu ma
    Have I met Xiao Zhou before today?
  • wǒ wèishénme méiyǒu gěi Xiǎo Zhǒu dǎ diànhuà、fā yóujiàn
    Why haven't I make phone calls or send emails to Xiao Zhou?
  • jīntiān Xiǎo Zhōu chuān de yīfu zěnmeyàng
    How is the clothes Xiao Zhou is wearing today?
  • wǒ cóng kāfēiguǎn chūlai de shíhou dōu jǐdiǎn le
    What time is it already when I came out of the coffee house?



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

A Boy (Who) Looks Very Handsome

Last month I started to learn paddling boat, among (the) student (who) learns paddling boat together with me, there is a boy called Zhou Shiwen, (the) teacher calls him Little Zhou, he looks really handsome! I practice paddling boat every Sunday afternoon, so every week (I) can see him (for) one time. After practicing (and then) going back home, I sometimes would want to make phone calls, send emails to him, but I (did) not, because I felt we were not friends yet.

Who knows (that) today(’s) morning, I saw Little Zhou in the school! (At) that time, he was riding (a) bicycle, at a place very far away from me, so I (did) not call to him. I (was) especially happy, (and I) was thinking. “Would he be our school’s student or not? ” I planned to ask him really quick when paddling boat (on the) weekend.

(In the) afternoon, I was sitting in (a) coffee shop drinking tea (and) reading (a) book, (I) saw there was a very tall boy outside, (and he) was wearing one “jian” (of) very nice-looking clothing. Isn’t that Little Zhou? He also saw me, (and) entered (the) coffee shop smiling, (and) said to me, “I (have) seen you before, we paddle boat together (on the) weekend, you paddle very well every time! Are you also this school’s (student)?”

Together sitting(,) we drank coffee drank (for) 30 minutes. He said to me very many things about him, who knew (that) he already (has) been in a relationship with (his) girlfriend (for) 8 years (now), next year (they) already plan to get married! After hearing these (stuff that) he said, I closed (my) book, (and) said to him, “(It is) already 6 o’clock, my friend is waiting (for) me in the sports field, (it is time for) me (to) go (now).” After him hearing (that), (he) said(,) smiling, “OK, We (will) meet when paddle boat (on the) weekend!”

After coming out from the coffee shop, I (, ) one person (alone,) walked on the school’s street (surface), thinking, “why all boys looking handsome already have girlfriends?”

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