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Unit 2 Story – My Big Brother’s Family

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Describe A Person And Their Family in Chinese

In this HSK 2 reading story, we will practice with a short story, where we can learn how to describe a person and their family in Chinese.


  • Listen to this HSK 2 reading story
  • Repeat after the story
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


wǒ gēge yì jiā
my big brother's family

  • gēge de qīzi shìbushì yīshēng
    is my big brother’s wife a doctor or not
  • wǒ hé gēge, shéi gèng máng
    me and my big brother, who is busier
  • wǒ xīwàng gēge de háizi xuéhuì shénme
    what do I hope my big brother’s kids can learn



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

My Big Brother’s Family

My big brother is 46 years old, he works in a hospital, is a doctor, his wife is also a doctor. They have two kids, the son is 10 years old, his height is very tall, and very handsome. His daughter is 14 years old, her hair is very long, and she is very pretty. Two kids’ bodies are both very healthy. The big sister like reading books more than the little brother, the little brother likes sports more than the big sister.

I think my big brother’s families are very happy.

My big brother’s work is very busy, he looks at sicknesses for the patients every Saturday too. Many people don’t work on Saturdays, and have time to diagnose sickness , so he is the busiest every Saturday. I work in a taxi company, not as busy as him, also not as tired as him. Every day I have time to do sports, read books and learn Chinese.

My big brother needs to go to the hospital every Saturday, he’s not at home, because his house is not far, so every Saturday morning I go to his house to give Chinese class to the two kids, and do sports together with them in the afternoon.

Now they understand the meanings of a lot of Chinese new words, and also can write some Chinese characters. I hope they can learn and know how to use a computer to type, because typing is faster than writing.

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