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Level 2 Lesson 6.2 – 懂希望觉得远近运动意思

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How To Write Chinese Characters For Understand, Hope, Think, Far, Close, Sports and Meaning | HSK 2 Chinese Characters

In this video lesson we'll learn some HSK 2 Chinese Characters and know how to write Chinese characters for understand, hope, think, far, close, sports and meaning. We'll also learn their Radicals, Sound Elements, Meaning Elements and their constructions.

  • Sound Elements: 董 元 斤 云
  • Chinese Characters: 懂 希 望 觉 得 远 近 运 动 意 思



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chenmirunaPremium Student April 15, 2019 at 8:44 am

I like very much your lessons they are very good and you are a very good teacher. I like a little bit more the lessons with characters from HSK 1 because there you explain also the meaning of some radicals , that format of the lesson I think is better (for characters)

Hi chenmiruna,

The Radicals of these characters were explained in the video, when it is necessary or when it is first introduced. The meaning of characters can change during thousands of years, sometimes the Radical does not represent the most common meanings of the character today. That’s why for some characters it is not explained.

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