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Level 2 Unit 10 Dialogue – The Husband Came Back From The Supermarket

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It's A Blind Date! Dating Talk in Chinese | HSK 2 Listening Test

In this HSK 2 listening test, we will practice with a dialogue, where a man and a woman are having a blind date. Learn some dating talk in Chinese.


  • Listen to this HSK 2 listening test
  • Repeat after the dialogue
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


zhàngfu cóng chāoshì huílai le
The husband came back from the supermarket…

  • nǐ juéde "xiǎoqū" kěnéng shì shénme yìsi
    What do you think probably is meaning of “小区”?
  • xià ge yuè wèishénme yào qǐngkè
    Why (we) need to invite and treat guests next month?
  • wèishénme bú qù lǎo dìfang
    Why not go to “the old/regular place”?
  • qǐngkè nàtiān yǒu duōshao ge kèrén
    How many guests are there on the day of (us) inviting and treat guests?



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

丈夫:I came back (already)!

妻子:How come you going to (the) supermarket used 2 hours?

丈夫:Neighbor Old Zhong also was in (the) supermarket buying stuff, he (did) not know where (the) sportswear was, I helped him looked for (it) really quick.

妻子:Stuff (you) bought all (of them)?

丈夫:Fish, meat, eggs, milk, fruits, I bought all (of them). (They) “exactly/precisely” are in (the) kitchen!

妻子:Next month “exactly/precisely” is your 40-year-old birthday (already), should we (or) not invite and treat guests?

丈夫:Okay. “Exactly/precisely” at home invite and treat (guests) or go to outside to invite and treat (them)?

妻子:(The) kitchen at home (is) too small, we two people making meal (is) also slow, (let us) go to that “jia” (of) restaurant (by the) side of (the) supermarket! Eat meal “exactly/precisely” at (the) restaurant, after eating meal everyone can come to (our) home inside to sit(/hang out) really quick.

丈夫:How come not go to the old(/regular) place? That old restaurant (is) tasty and also cheap.

妻子:But (the) rooms, tables, chairs there (are) all too old, inviting and treating guests in there (is) not too good. (Being) expensive (is) okay, (we) need to let everyone eat comfortable, happy.

丈夫:Okay, (the) new (one) (is) good. Hope that day is (a) sunny day, we can invite (the) guests to take a walk for a little bit in (the) community/apartment complex, or swim for a little bit.

妻子:Right. (Let) me see(/check) really quick, your big brother(’s) one family, your big sister(’) one family, my little brother(’s) one family, my little sister(’s) one family, additionally there are us, probably there are around 18 (or) 19 people(,) right?

丈夫:My big brother them very probably will not come, next month he needs to go to Beijing, his students have a singing (and) dancing competition. Probably around 15 (or) 16 people(, probably)?

妻子:Okay, I “very soon will” make phone call to (the) restaurant (in the) afternoon, (we) want two tables, (at) noon 12 o’clock, how about that?

丈夫:Okay. Everyone (of) us (for) very long have not ate meal together, this time (we) can play(/have fun; hang out) (for) one day (is) really nice!

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