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Level 2 Unit 4 Story – This Is My School

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Talk About My School in Chinese | HSK 2 Reading Test

In this HSK 2 reading test, we will practice with a video and learn how to "talk about my school in Chinese".


  • Listen to this HSK 2 reading test
  • Repeat after the story
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


wǒde xuéxiào
my school

  • xuéxiào lí huǒchēzhàn yǒu duō yuǎn
    How far is the train station from the school?
  • lánqiúchǎng zài kāfēiguǎn de yòubian ma
    Is the basketball court on the right side of the coffee house?
  • wǒ shénme shíhou shàng Hànyǔkè
    When do I have Chinese classes?



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

My School

My Chinese school is at “Health” Hospital’s side, (it is) pretty close away from (the) subway stop and (the) bus stop. From (the) school to go to (the) hospital, (the) airport, (the) train station, (it is) all not far. (The) school away from (the) hospital (is) 400 meters, away from (the) train station (is) 3000 meters, away from (the) airport (is) 10 kilometers.

(The) school’s inside exist restaurant, bookstore, coffee house, basketball court and soccer field. From (the) dormitory exit (and) towards (the) right walk 50 meters, (it) is “Wensi” Bookstore; towards (the) left walk 250 meters (it) is “Leshui” coffee house. (The) coffee house’s inside exists many students and teachers, some are drinking coffee, some are reading books, additionally some are using computers. From (the) coffee house towards (the) left walk, (it) is (the) basketball court and (the) soccer field. (The) basketball court length (is) 28 meters, (and the) soccer field length (is) 105 meters. I every Saturday together with my friends play basketball, (and) every Sunday watch soccer game.

My Chinese classroom is at “Haochi-haohe” Restaurant’s side. I every week from Monday to Friday take Chinese classes, every day’s noon at “Haochi-haohe” Restaurant eat meals. I the-most-like dish is “Da-pan-ji (Big Plate Chicken)”.

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