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Level 2 Unit 1 Dialogue – A Call From The Husband

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Phone Call Between A Husband and A Wife in Chinese | HSK 2 Listening Practice

In this HSK 2 listening practice, we will practice with a dialogue, which is a phone call between a husband and a wife in Chinese.


  • Listen to this HSK 2 listening practice
  • Repeat after the dialogue
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


zhàngfu zài gěi qīzi dǎ diànhuà
The husband is calling the wife.

  • zhàngfu wèishénme gěi qīzi dǎ diànhuà
    why is the husband calling the wife
  • qīzi xiànzài zài nǎr
    where is the wife right now
  • qīzi zhège xīngqīwǔ yào jiābān ma
    is the wife working overtime this Friday



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

丈夫 Husband  妻子Wife

丈夫:Hello, what o'clock are you returning home today? Me and the kids want to go with you to (our) friend's home to watch a movie.

妻子:(I) don't know, our company plans to have a meeting today.

丈夫:Why does your company need to have a meeting today?

妻子:Because our manager is going to Shanghai next week, he’s in the company today, so (we) have the meeting today.

丈夫:Are you going to Shanghai with your guys’ manager too?

妻子:I am not going, I need to work overtime in the office. He goes by himself.

丈夫:How come you work overtime every day? Do other people work overtime every day as well?

妻子:Our company’s every person all need to work overtime every day.

丈夫:You need to work, and also need to rest, don’t work overtime every day (anymore)!

妻子:I got (it), this Friday I don’t work overtime, let’s watch a movie with the kids (then)!

丈夫:OK, I love you.

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