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Level 2 Unit 6 Dialogue – What Gift Will She Like?

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What Gift Will She Like? Talk About Giving Gifts in Chinese | HSK 2 Listening Exercise

In this HSK 2 listening exercise, we will practice with a dialogue, where two people talk about giving gifts in Chinese.


  • Listen to this HSK 2 listening exercise
  • Repeat after the dialogue
  • Answer the given questions
  • Practice daily until fluent


Zhōu Xiǎozhēn jiē le yíge diànhuà
Zhou Xiaozhen answered a phone call.

  • Zhōng Xīwén wèishénme yào gěi Zhōu Xiǎozhēn dǎ diànhuà
    Why did Zhong Xiwen make phone call to Zhou Xiaozhen?
  • Lěměi měitiān pǎobù pǎo duō cháng shíjiān
    How long of time does Lemei run every day?
  • Zhōu Xiǎozhēn shànggeyuè hé Lèměi yìqǐ shàng le jǐcì kè
    How many times did Zhou Xiaozhen take painting class with Lemei last month?
  • Zhōu Xiǎozhēn wèishénme yào ràng Zhōng Xīwén huà yì fú huà
    Why did Zhou Xiaozhen make Zhong Xiwen paint a painting?



*The English translation is made to be literal for a better understanding of the Chinese sentence structures and language flow.

周小真 Zhōu Xiǎozhēn  钟希文 Zhōng Xīwén

周小真:Hello, is (that) Zhong Xiwen? Sorry, I now cannot answer your phone call. I need to wash a wash for my dog, I (will) call you after washing (it).

钟希文:No worries, I (will) wait (for) your phone call.

(30 minutes later...)

周小真:Zhong Xiwen, (it) is me, what do you do seeking me?

钟希文:Next month is Lemei’s birthday, I want to give her a gift. You are her best friend, can you help me think really quick what she likes?

周小真:She likes sports, every day (she) runs (,) runs for one hour. She additionally likes painting, I last month took painting class for twice with her.

钟希文:Yes, yesterday I went to her home, in her home exist many “fu” (of) paintings, (and they are) all (paintings that) she (her)self painted, all (are) very pretty. How long time has she been learning painting?

周小真:She learns painting (has) learned (for) five years. Do you know how to paint? You can paint a painting (and) give her, she will quite like (it).

钟希文:Is (that so)? (Let) me try!

周小真:Zhong Xiwen…


周小真:Has she become your girlfriend?

钟希文:Right. She is my first girlfriend.

周小真:How long time have you guys been together?

钟希文:(It was) after watching that game (that) we started to be together.

周小真:You guys both are interested in sports and painting, being together will (be) very good. I think she will like your gift too.

钟希文:Thank you (for) telling me. Bye!

周小真:You’re welcome, bye.

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